Spain seized more than 145,000 counterfeit or dangerous toys, mostly from Asia


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

The cross-border e-commerce platform seized more than 145000 counterfeit or dangerous toys in Spain, mostly from Asia

SpainMadridofCivil GuardlatelyIn a verificationandPrevention of illegal distributionsaleToysMore than 145000 dangerous orFake toys

In Madrid,Civil Guard CommandFinancial and airport sectorAgentsWorking with the consumer inspection and market control community, the inspection is located inPolígono Industrial de PintoA special storage and wholesale ofToysWarehouse of.

Cross border e-commerce logistics Spain seized more than 145000 counterfeit or dangerous toys, mostly from Asia

IMore than 130000 toys do not comply with European regulations

according toCvbjReporting,policelaterknowSeized ships and warehousesIt is run by Asian citizens,For storage and transactionsCounterfeit toys suspected of infringing industrial property rights

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,In the inspection results,They seized more than 140000(145657 piecesFake or dangerous toys, andchildrenToysSecurity protection.

On the one hand, the agentsagentPeople)yesNon conformanceEuropean toys134120 toys required by safety regulationsOn the other hand, it is suspected of infringing various registered trademarksThere are 11535 toys with industrial and intellectual property rights.

On the same boat,theyI also found thatA large number of counterfeit brandsToy bags, plastic blister packaging andscreen printingbox(silkscreened boxes)

Civil Guard reports to the competent authorityproposalPunish a person on suspicion of committing an offence against industrial property, illegalTo investigate.

IIMost toys come from Asia

According to Cvbj report,These wereSeizureofToysMost products come from Asian marketProducts are deliveredDismantled on board to bypass customs and police control and avoid being foundAnd then assemble there,When finished,And then sell outside the existing legal channels.

In addition, in thethisinspectget some actionClass F1 pyrotechnic effect found inStored irregularly, 6000 small bombs in totalofContainer.

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that these toy productsThey all violated the toy safety regulations.thesecoverSeizure's toys pose a risk to consumers

Not only for toyssizesizeWill bringDangerous, but also because they lackSecurity measures, mostly labels orToy appearancedefectFor example, the sharp shell is easy to scratch children;They pointed out that due tomanufactureThese toys are made of inferior materials, posing a clear threat to the health and safety of minors.

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