What is Amazon SKU and what is its role


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What is Amazon SKU and what is its role in cross-border e-commerce logistics

For Amazon sellers, when they upload products, they must upload SKUs, which can be created by themselves or automatically generated by Amazon in the background.

Reasonable inventory management is an important step in managing Amazon stores, among whichAmazon SKUHas a very important role.

In a simple example, in a space of several square meters or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of meters, which inventory is better managed? Of course, the former is also very convenient to find things. It is a headache to find things in too large a space, so you must use tools to query. The seller must understand Amazon SKU. When managing goods, the seller must know the inventory of products in time to do a better job in sales, such as whether the products are out of stock, Whether there is overstock.

What is Amazon SKU

SKU is the abbreviation of the Stock Keeping Unit. It tracks products through SKU and is used for good inventory management. SKU is the unit of measurement for inventory management, which can be pieces, boxes, etc. It is composed of numbers and letters, usually 8-12 characters. Each character corresponds to a function of the product, such as color, size, etc.

Each product has a unique SKU. If the product has multiple variants, there will be multiple SKUs. For example, if a pair of shoes has 5 sizes and 3 colors, there will be a total of 5 × 3 SKUs, that is, 15 SKUs.

What is the role of Amazon SKU

SKU can quickly scan and manage the inventory, such as which products are best sellers, which products are unsalable, damaged or lost, which can be quickly counted, so that the seller can timely manage the inventory.

The seller should remember that no matter where the product is sold, the SKU is always the same. The uniqueness also provides a great convenience for the seller to query, which is more convenient for the seller to manage the inventory.

If the product is damaged, it should be cleaned in time to avoid occupying more inventory.

The seller should keep abreast of the inventory and replenish the best-selling products in a timely manner. For example, if the red clothes sell well, the seller can buy more inventory. If the blue clothes can't be sold, the seller can not buy them in the future;

For the overstocked goods, it is necessary to know the reasons in time, and then find ways to clear the inventory to avoid bringing less economic pressure.

The seller should develop the good habit of taking stock regularly and find problems in stock in time, which is very helpful for product management.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that when using Amazon SKU, they should pay attention to its brevity and comprehensibility. They should try to use simple words, which are mainly used to identify product colors and variations, to avoid complex unknowns or mistakes.

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