How much of Amazon's advertising conversion rate is normal? Are you up to standard


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How normal is the advertising conversion rate of Seagoing Amazon? Are you up to standard

According to the survey data of AdBadger,The average advertising conversion rate of Amazon sellers is about 9.87%The overall fluctuation is 7% - 10%.

How normal is the conversion rate of cross-border outbound Amazon advertising? Are you up to standard

(Source: AdBadger, data from May 1 to October 31, 2021)

Advertising conversion rate (CVR) refers to the percentage of advertising clicks converted into sales. Its calculation formula is as follows.

How normal is the conversion rate of cross-border e-commerce Amazon advertising? Are you up to standard

Of course, like other indicators, advertising conversion rates may vary greatly between different categories.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the product (more than $100) is, the lower the conversion rate is generally, because people will repeatedly compare prices before buying it. After all, it is not the kind of cheap and casual product.

However, the average conversion rate of Amazon's advertising is much higher than that of other e-commerce websites. Blueocean Yiguan has learned that the average conversion rate of e-commerce websites other than Amazon is only about 1.33%, which further proves that Amazon is powerful and consumers are eager to buy things when browsing the Amazon platform.

Advertising conversion rate should be analyzed in specific situations

Amazon's advertising conversion rate is a useful data in itself, but it is important to take into account the surrounding factors that will affect it.

The following factors have a greater impact on the advertising conversion rate data:

1. Time dimension and sample size: It takes a long time and a large sample to obtain more accurate conversion rate data. In short, follow the principle of "more data is better"

2. Strong and countless competitions: if there are many competitors and the competition intensity is high, the advertising conversion rate will be reduced, because consumers have more products to choose from

3. Profit is king: If you can't make money (no profit), it's useless to make a high advertising conversion rate, but it's just useless. In a word, the seller should always confirm that a high conversion rate will bring more profits

How to improve Amazon's advertising conversion rate?

If the seller's own advertising conversion rate is significantly lower than the average, it needs toConsider whether there is any problem with advertising campaigns and product listing.

For example, when viewing a keyword or search term, the conversion rate is very poor, which indicates that the keyword is not very relevant to the advertisement, leading consumers to leave the details page without buying.

Take a specific example to make aChristmas tree productsOne of the keywords added by the seller may be "Christmas Tree". If the consumer searches with "Christmas tree stand", the seller's product advertisement may appear because of the keyword "Christmas Tree".

However, consumers want to buy Christmas tree shelves, not Christmas trees, so the seller's product ads do not match what consumers want. They are likely to open the details page to browse and leave directly. In this way, the seller gets traffic, but does not get sales, and the conversion rate naturally decreases.

IfThe conversion rate of all keywords or search terms is very low, maybeNeed to analyze the listing qualityLet's see if there are potential problems.

We can refer to the following feasible schemes to improve the conversion rate:

1. Analyze each part of the product listing, such as title, picture and description, and optimize it to improve natural sales

2. Use Amazon redirect ads to attract the attention of previous visitors again, and improve the conversion rate by increasing the number of product ads displayed

3. Use "single keyword advertising group" to promoteAmazon sponsored brand advertisingDiversion to maximize the benefits of sponsorship brand advertising strategy

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