What are Amazon's product image requirements? How to calculate a good photo


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What are the image requirements for Amazon products on the e-commerce platform? How to calculate a good photo

When a user browses an imageAmazonSuch e-commerce platforms generally do not read products one by oneName, usually just browse Amazon pictures。 Once a specific image is successfully attractedAmazon customersAnd then they will continue to see other content.

1、 Amazon product image requirements

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonSome requirements for product pictures are as follows:

oneEach unique productlistingAt least 1 product is requiredpicture, but recommendedAmazon Sellerupload6 productspictureAnd 1 video.

twoProduct OwnerchartshouldhaveA white background image,meanwhileFocus only on products.

3. Others's product pictures should be taken from different anglesExhibitionProducts, highlighting different functions in different environments.

fourThe image must matchAmazonProduct Titlematching85% of the image should be filled by the product itself.

fiveImages should not be blurred or pixelated.

sixThe main image should not have any text or watermarkAll images should be free AmazonlogoOr trademark content.

sevenThe picture should not contain any nudityIf mannequins are used, they must onlyshotStandingposture

IIgoodAmazon ProductsPicture characteristics

Amazon is more like a platform to meet needsPeople use Amazon as a search engine for their products. They've got a rough idea of what they're looking foridea。 Therefore,sellerOur responsibility is to provide a clear picture of the product.

So, thesegoodWhat are the characteristics of the product picturesWill let people click on the products on Amazoninclude:

oneWhite background photosellerYou can also add a life photobutThere must be oneWhite background image.

twoFocus on productsNo needUse too many propsTheme or texture.

threeHave goodlightLighting. Ensure that all parts of the product are visible, nothideIn the shadows.

4. Find the rightShow the product from an angleHighlight product features and brand logoIf any)。

fiveAvoid the final product image being too smooth, because the visual effect may be confusing. Try to use a matte effect.

sixAlthough Amazon requires that each product upload at least one imageThe seller wantsUse at least 6 pictures to get better results.

7. Here are someType of product picture

(1)White background product photos on Amazon

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,This is a simple picture taken on a white background, which can fully display the productUsually shot from multiple angles.

What are the image requirements of Amazon products for cross-border shipping? How to calculate a good photo

(2)Photos of lifestyle products on Amazon

This issubjectWhen using the productCaptured active product images.

What are the image requirements of Seagoing Amazon products? How to calculate a good photo

(3)Infographic product photos on Amazon

This is a product image with a white background or lifestyle,meanwhilecontainHasText or digital information can explain the characteristics of the product.

What are the image requirements of Amazon products for cross-border shipping? How to calculate a good photo

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