Discuss new strategies and build new capabilities "New World" 202.2 Yibang Future Retail Conference was successfully held


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Metauniverse, virtual anchor, brand globalization, emotional consumption... When new words pour into the business world, how will the retail consumption industry develop in the next year?


On December 23, 202.2 Yibang Future Retail Conference kicked off in Shanghai. The conference lasts for two days, adopts the 1+3 forum model, and takes the "new world" as the theme. The purpose is to join hands with the industry to observe the qualitative changes of the market and find the path of survival in the new world at the time of the transition of new and old Internet technologies. More than 50 guests on the scene carried out in-depth discussions on the underlying logic of future business, operation rules, species change and other topics.

In the main forum on December 23, Jia Penglei, president of Ebon Power and the founder of Horseshoe Club, delivered an opening speech with the theme of "Discover a New Retail World in the Future". He pointed out that uncertainty will become the normality of the whole economy in the future. The biggest reason for uncertainty is the deep construction of digitalization. The only way to eliminate uncertainty is to introduce more information.


Li Feng, founding partner of Fengrui Capital, predicted the new consumption trend in 2022 from the perspective of capital. He said that the future of new consumption is an innovative model of mixed retail and service industries. He took the new consumption of instant coffee in China as an example. Almost all of the new consumption of instant coffee in China used freeze-drying technology, which is a new feature of China's supply chain and the combination of consumption upgrading, retail and service.


Miao Shu, the chairman and CEO of Xiaoxian Stewed Bird's Nest, and a member of the Horseshoe Club, told about the global popularity rule of Chinese nourishing brands based on the growth process of Xiaoxian Stewed Bird's Nest. He believes that offline retail of bird's nest is more to solve the problem of trust, but also the problem of cultural communication, based on the strong needs of users. The store of Xiaoxian stew is not an extension of the shelf, but a channel for building trust carriers.

Sailing to sea to discuss new strategies and build new capabilities "New World" 202.2 Yibang Future Retail Conference was successfully held


Gu Zeliang, co-founder of Yizhi Intelligence and a member of the Horseshoe Club, delivered a speech themed "How to More Efficiently Drain and Transform the Second Half of the Brand Private Domain (DTC)". He pointed out that the consumer goods industry should realize that the private domain is a large-scale member operation and the latest construction based on the online. It is necessary to communicate with users in a digital way, and maintain a certain degree of "restraint" while making differentiated user access.


At this stage, China's retail industry is facing changes. The traditional growth logic under the internal volume is beginning to lose efficacy. Live broadcast service and digitalization have become the key words of e-commerce services. When the retail industry has undergone tremendous changes, how should brands lead to the new world?


As a highly concentrated cultural community and video platform of Generation Z, Bili Bili has become a marketing channel for many brands. Zhang Zhendong, vice president of Bili Bili and head of the marketing center, said that compound interest on content is the answer to "how traffic becomes an element of increasing value rather than decreasing value in brand accounts".

B2b discusses new strategies and builds new capabilities "new world" 202.2 billion bond future retail conference was successfully held


Zhu Yuande, Vice President of Feishu Customer Success, delivered a speech with the theme of "How consumer goods companies iterate like products". He said that the productivity of effective information needs to be redefined, and traditional delivery methods also need to be reconsidered. The most important thing to build an enterprise product is to focus on people. From recruitment, target management, performance appraisal to the whole company, it reflects an integrated concept.

Cross border information discussion, new strategies, new capabilities, "New World" 202.2 billion bond future retail conference successfully held


Yan Dong, the head of Youzan's new retail operation, explained the topic of private domain traffic that the brand is focusing on. He pointed out that traffic is still the essence of all businesses. Businesses need to pay attention to the first purchase crowd, improve the second purchase rate, and try to get through the enterprise WeChat and video number to retain more customers.


Yao Rongjun, founder and president of Junzhi Strategic Consulting, proposed that new consumer brands should use capital to exchange time and space, and shift the battle field of competition with traditional brands from channel war and product war to customer perception war.


Under the background of consumer iteration and great changes in communication channels, how new consumer brands can quickly find their own positioning and meet consumer needs has become a key factor to enhance core competitiveness and create greater commercial and social value. In the "New World Refreshes New Cognition" module, Zhou Hua, the managing partner of the challenger venture capital, Zhou Yu, the founder of Daily Heiqiao, Yubo, the chief product officer of Juzi Biology, and Ju Ying, the senior vice president of Mengqi Group, delivered keynote speeches respectively.


Zhou Hua, the managing partner of the challenger venture capital, said that there is no shortcut to the consumer goods track, and no company can avoid the competition with giants in the end. It is necessary to know its own position, whether it is a big track or a small and beautiful business.


Zhou Yu, founder of Daily Heiqiao, published a paper entitled "How can the brand" searchlight "shine farther after vertical penetration with the" long board theory " The speech of. He pointed out that no brand or product can meet the needs of everyone, so enterprises should focus on the consumers who most recognize the brand.


Yubo, the chief product officer of Juzi Bio, shared with the audience via video why biotechnology can change the United States from the bottom. She said that science and technology are the core driving force to help mankind enter a better new world, and the development trend of the US industry will become more and more differentiated, customized and low-carbon. The future trend of the cosmetics industry is "thousands of people, thousands of faces" skin care. With the analysis of huge amounts of skin data, everyone can find customized beauty care products through synthetic biology.


Ju Ying, senior vice president of Mengqi Group, explained how to build a private domain model that can sell goods. She pointed out that the essence of retail is distribution and the optimal combination of channels. In addition to brand strength, the core assets of the business also include fans' assets. She encourages the brand to take action, so that fans can realize the pull of the second growth trend.


New consumer brands are constantly emerging, which also makes the traditional traffic play method gradually ineffective. How to please more consumers in the new traffic channel, go to a larger growth link, and boost the growth of the whole link is the answer that new consumer brands are constantly seeking.


Wang Lijie, co-founder and CEO of Tomato Pocket, delivered a speech entitled "Delighting young people, quantifying" emotions "first, and then quantifying the market" in the module "New world breeds new species". She pointed out that the core of retail is to meet the needs of the heart to drive. Whether online or offline, empathy is very important. Retail in the future is a combination of EQ, IQ and US IQ.


Da Zhuo, co-founder of Magic Fan Luma, delivered a speech entitled "Confirm! Start 2022 in Tiktok E-commerce". Magic Fan Luma proposed a model that can help the brand side to self evaluate whether it is suitable to make a deal in Tiktok interested e-commerce. This is the three force rule, namely, product force, price force and content force.


Xu Bin, General Manager of Ruoyechen Business Innovation Business Department, explained the full link of the brand from market promotion to business growth. He said that if the brand wants to run through the resources of the market department and e-commerce department, it needs to follow the 20 word maxim: long and short compatibility, internal and external consistency, connecting from top to bottom, targeted following, and closed-loop harvesting.


Song Yang, the founder of Song Yang Fine Arts, believes that artworks can become digital assets, and a new matrix of global artists will be formed in the meta universe in the future.

Go to sea to discuss new strategies, build new capabilities, "New World" 202.2 Yibang Future Retail Conference was successfully held


Fan Fei, chief analyst of Yibang Think Tank, released the 202.2 Yibang Future Retail Development Report. The report points out that there are six major trends in the future: first, public welfare traffic may become a new traffic portal for public domain players to compete; Second, connectivity brings opportunities to retail SMEs; Third, important players make breakthroughs overseas; Fourth, the sinking and life service scenarios add new momentum to retail; Fifth, the asset economic attribute of data is strengthened, and the security service card is provided; Sixth, the universe will bring about new changes in retail in the future.


On December 24, the sub forum of 202.2 Yibang Future Retail Conference, the annual retail digital conference of "digitalization opens a new world of brand growth", the annual conference of "category revolution" brand growth, and the annual conference of "channel freedom" new traffic were held as scheduled.


Zhang Jie, Senior Vice President of Haolinggong, delivered a speech with the theme of "How Flexible Employment Helps Brands Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency in the Digital Economy 2.0 Era". He said that Digital Economy 2.0 is a platform economy with DT technology as its core, and its distinctive features are self employment and flexible employment. According to data statistics, flexible employment of shared employees can increase efficiency by 70% and reduce cost by 60% on average.


The wave of digitalization is setting off a revolution in various industries around the world. The significance of digitalization transformation is to make life better through the application of software. In the future, the digital economy will become an important engine to drive economic growth.


He Hui, Vice President of Kid Wang, pointed out that the digitalization process can be divided into three stages, namely, informatization, digital intelligence, platform and ecology, when disclosing the super system of intelligent decision-making for mother and baby stores.


Zhang Junjiu, co-founder and CMO of Real Intelligence, introduced the AI collaboration practice of e-commerce business. He said that the value of AI collaboration is that it will not make mistakes, reduce operating costs by 25-50%, improve business efficiency, deploy in a non intrusive manner, and will not impose additional burdens on existing systems.


Zhang Zeyu, Director of OPPO Digital Marketing, delivered a speech on the theme of "Reducing Anxiety, Leaving the Rules: The Operation Logic of Live Broadcasting on a New Platform Starting from Users". He believes that consumers are always the core of brands. For every marketer, managing the relationship between brands and consumers is a required course. Especially in the digital era, it is necessary to operate consumer relationships in a shorter time and with shorter links.

Cross border e-commerce logistics discusses new strategies, builds new capabilities, "new world" 202.2 billion state future retail conference was successfully held


Sanyu, the director of Internet&footwear industry of Nail Strategic Customer Department, said that today's commercial competition is no longer the competition of single products, but the competition between chains. The upstream price, capacity, scheduling speed and downstream distribution capacity are all related to brand operation and conversion rate.


At a time when the market is unpredictable and consumer diversification needs to emerge constantly, creating new categories and moving different consumer groups has become a shortcut for the growth of new consumer brands.


At the annual meeting of "Category Revolution" brand growth, Yang Zhenhua, the founder and CEO of Panda Buxing and a member of the Horseshoe Club, told how to make consumers willing to share the brand through the growth process of Panda Buxing. He pointed out that the product needs to be transmissible and fissionable, so that users can feel a sense of participation. The packaging needs to be designed, so that users can see it and want to buy it and take photos to share.


Ji Ying, Deputy General Manager of Supra Apparel Group and a member of the Horseshoe Club, gave a speech with the theme of "breaking channel barriers and giving full play to the value of all channels". He said that not all women's wear enterprises are suitable for omni channel. The purpose of omni channel is to meet the needs of consumers at any time, anywhere and in any way, and to integrate physical channels, e-commerce channels and mobile e-commerce channels to sell goods or services to provide consumers with an undifferentiated purchasing experience.


The advent of intelligent fitting mirrors has made AI more specific in the clothing retail industry. Zheng Zeyu, the founder and CEO of Zhiyi and a member of the Horseshoe Club, told us about AI's insight into popular clothing. He pointed out that after collecting a large number of relevant data, AI can bring more correct decisions for clothing brands, accurate to the specific brand benchmarking style.


E-commerce platform discusses new strategies, builds new capabilities, "new world" 202.2 billion bond future retail conference was successfully held

Lu Wenjing, the chief growth officer of Xingchuang Vision and a member of the Horseshoe Club, said that the sales skills were varied, but what consumers really wanted to do was to provide inefficient and professional services.


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