What are the reasons for Amazon's return? Can the seller refuse to return?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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What are the reasons for the return of the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon? Can the seller refuse to return?

For Amazon sellers, the products can't be sold, and a large number of returns are also a headache. There are many reasons for returns. How should the sellers face positively? Today we will talk aboutAmazon returnsreason.

No matter when the goods are returned, it is troublesome for sellers, especially for the second kill or promotion. If it is a quality problem or other problems, a large number of goods will be returned, which is also troublesome to deal with.

Reasons for Amazon's return

1、Product quality problems

Generally, if the product quality is not up to the standard, and the product quality selected by the seller is too poor, there will be a return climax, and it is easy to receive many bad comments.

2、Size problem

Another possibility is that the return is due to the size problem. The size of the purchased items, especially clothes and shoes, does not meet the requirements, so you need to return or exchange them.

3、The picture does not match the real object

Online shopping generally selects products based on pictures and videos. Some users receive products that do not match the pictures they see. If there is too much difference between the actual products and pictures, there will be a lot of returns.

4、The product is damaged

If the product has quality problems, or the packaging is damaged or missing, it will also cause a large number of returns. The seller must pay attention to the product packaging problems.

5、Return without reason

Return without reason is applicable to all kinds of products. After receiving the product, buyers can choose to return without reason if they do not want the product. Generally speaking, there are few such returns, but some users will choose to return.

How to handle returns from Amazon

For Amazon sellers, returns are basically divided into authorized returns, refused returns, and refunds. There are basically only these aspects.

Authorized return means that the seller agrees to return the goods, and the seller must provide the return label to the customer in time, so that the health indicators of the account will not be affected, or the seller's account will be affected;

Refusing to return goods means that the seller does not agree to the return request, and it is necessary to fill in the reason and reason for the rejection. Lanhai Yiguan reminds the seller that this can be properly based on the actual situation. Some sellers will actually refund some money to users even though they do not agree to return goods;

For refunds, Amazon can directly follow the refund procedure and follow the process in turn.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that no matter what reason Amazon returns, sellers should take it seriously so as not to affect the later sales of the store. If the return order is not handled in a timely manner, it will bring great trouble to sellers.

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