What are the precautions for Amazon promotion? Do you need to increase the advertising budget before promotion


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What do you need to pay attention to when going to sea for Amazon promotion? Do you need to increase the advertising budget before promotion

For Amazon sellers, Amazon promotion can quickly increase traffic and exposure, and also improve product sales. For excessive inventory of Amazon sellers, promotion is a very good way to clear goods. Today we will talk about the precautions related to Amazon promotion.

Amazon promotion has many advantages for sellers, but there are also many precautions. For example, the timing of promotion should be appropriate, the quality of products should be up to standard, and the listing page should be optimized to make the promotion effective.

There are many forms of Amazon promotion, such as full discount, buy free, buy full discount. Sellers can sell related products together, which can play a very good role in promotion.

What are the precautions for Amazon promotion

1、Keep stock

Lanhaiyiguan reminds sellers that whether it is a second kill or a promotion, sellers should carefully check their inventory, know the quantity of inventory very well, and be able to make solutions in time. Only when they have enough inventory can they face various emergencies. Don't affect the sales of products because of shortage.

2、Increase the number of reviews

After the store is stable and mature, it is normal to maintain the number of reviews at about 15. The sales volume of promotional products increases rapidly, so it can also drive the number of reviews to a peak. Sellers should seize this opportunity to improve the number and quality of reviews, which will greatly help to improve product popularity in the future.

3、Promotional products should be related to activities

Sometimes Amazon's activities are seasonal or highly active. For example, Halloween or activities around Christmas, seasonal products may sell better. Therefore, sellers should seize this opportunity to prepare relevant products for second killing or promotion to sell better.

4、Appropriately increase advertising budget

Generally speaking, before the seckill or promotion activities come, we should prepare to give the product a wave of heat and improve some of the heat and traffic, so that we can do a good job of seckill and promotion. Advertising can be launched earlier, which will bring more traffic.

5、Timely logistics distribution

The preparation work before the second kill or promotion is well done, and the promotion will have most of the order quantity. Of course, the later work should also be done well. The logistics distribution must be kept up with and delivered to the buyer on time, so as to effectively avoid more after-sales trouble and return rate.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are many ways to promote Amazon, no matter whether it is a second kill or a coupon. Sellers should choose the appropriate promotion method according to the actual situation and abide by Amazon's rules in order to ultimately improve the sales of their products.

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