What Amazon sellers should pay attention to in the rush season and what are their tips


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What should Amazon sellers pay attention to in the peak season of preparing for the war? What are the tips

Now it is December, and the Amazon peak season has arrived. As an Amazon seller, what should you prepare for the peak season? Today, Blue Ocean Yiguan introduces Amazon sellersPreparation seasonpreparation.

When the peak season comes, the sellers need to make a lot of preparations. First of all, they need to ensure that the products have enough inventory. They also need to pay attention to the time period for promotion and whether the logistics distribution is timely. The more they make preparations, the better the sales of the products in the future. The more they pay, the more they receive.

What Amazon sellers should pay attention to in the peak season

1、Attach importance to product description

The product description is a supplement to the title and key words. It can describe the product in more detail and fully, such as product parameters, accessories, maintenance and after-sales, and some precautions, so that buyers can better understand the product and achieve the purpose of purchase.

2、Prepare products

As some experienced Amazon players, they will give their products a wave of popularity in advance before the Amazon peak season comes, such as advertising in advance, second killing and other operations. After the product popularity comes up, the peak season will not worry about sales, and orders will also be more. Of course, the key is to prepare enough inventory. If the sales of products continue to rise, but there is no inventory, everything is useless.

3、Understand market demand

Amazon sellers can learn about the market demand in many ways when preparing for the peak season. For example, there are many products affected by the epidemic in the past two years. Some products may be best-selling during this period, and may become unsalable again next month. Therefore, they should always pay attention to the market demand and make changes in time.

4、Enter carrier and tracking information

This is a new policy issued by Amazon in 2021. Logistics provides carrier tracking information, which helps Amazon quickly accept the seller's inventory and effectively avoid delays in the process. If the goods are out of stock, as long as the seller turns on the inventory pre-sale function, Amazon will track the information in real time and adjust the product to a state that can be sold, which is of great benefit to the seller.

Entering the carrier information can effectively reduce the loss of orders, track the arrival of goods at any time, and effectively provide the quantity and quality of the store's praise, laying a good foundation for product sales.

As the saying goes, no pains, no gains. Amazon sellers prepare for the peak season. The more fully they prepare, the more orders may be closed in the peak season. Therefore, when the peak season comes, sellers cannot ignore every small detail. They must be perfect before the products can be sold out.

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