What are the benefits of Amazon FBA, customer service 7 × Can I get in touch 24 hours


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What are the benefits of going to Amazon FBA, customer service 7 × Can I get in touch 24 hours

There are all kinds of products on the Amazon platform. It is very convenient for buyers to find any product they want. According to the survey, 80% of foreigners buy things through the Amazon platform. Whether the logistics distribution on the Amazon platform is fast or not, today we will talk aboutAmazon FBAQuestion.

Amazon FBA is a little expensive. Maybe for some sellers, the economic pressure is relatively high, and there are warehousing fees and order delivery fees. Sellers need huge funds to enjoy the benefits of FBA.

What are the benefits of Amazon FBA

1、You can participate in many activities

Amazon will have many activities irregularly, such as seckill or promotional activities. Foreigners' festivals are mainly concentrated in the second half of the year, including Black Five Online One and Christmas. The traffic of these activities is large. If sellers use FBA, they have the priority to participate in these activities. For sellers, it is a good time to improve traffic and product sales.

2、Seize the golden shopping cart

To seize the gold shopping cart, first of all, if the enterprise seller also uses Amazon FBA to deliver goods, it will add another priority. Amazon has a rule that the seller who uses FBA to deliver goods has the priority to seize the gold shopping cart, which is very convenient for the seller and can bring a lot of convenience.

3、Fast logistics

Amazon FBA can ensure the timeliness of logistics. The seller will not worry about the delay of the delivery to the user, nor will he worry about the poor evaluation of logistics. In addition, FBA's timeliness is generally good, and it can reach the user according to the specified date.

4、Improve Listing Ranking

Sellers use FBA. Generally speaking, there are more opportunities for product display. Amazon also has a certain priority to recommend FBA products, so that more users can search for them, which can greatly improve the listing ranking problem.

5、seven × 24-hour customer service

Amazon customer service can provide services for sellers 24 hours a day, regardless of the country, sellers can directly contact Amazon customer service to provide services for sellers.

Amazon FBA shipment process

Lanhaiyiguan reminded the seller that the FBA delivery process is very simple. First select the products to be delivered, select to confirm the delivery in the inventory, then print the labels of the packaging box, and finally hand them over to the carrier.

When selecting the inventory to be shipped, carefully check the destination, shipping address, quantity and expiration date of the goods, as well as the packaging of the goods, to avoid all kinds of troubles.

The packed product depends on whether it is a single package or multiple boxes. The seller must carefully check the product packaging, and the packaging is tight without damage or leakage, or even leakage.

Amazon FBA fee

As an Amazon seller, we need to know that Amazon FBA charges include a variety of fees, including warehousing fees, which are divided into monthly warehousing fees and long-term warehousing fees, as well as order delivery fees, order removal fees, return processing fees, and other fees.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that it is very good for sellers to use Amazon FBA. From product picking to distribution, the sellers are not responsible for it. It can be said that it is very convenient and can also participate in many promotional activities. The distribution is also fast, which can effectively improve the product traffic and sales volume.

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