What are the characteristics of Amazon's platform, and are heavy products and light sellers conducive to listing ranking


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What are the characteristics of the cross-border e-commerce Amazon platform, and are heavy products and light sellers conducive to listing ranking

Amazon has been very popular in recent years. Many sellers are rushing to register because of the low cost and high profits of the Amazon platform. All sellers want to make the first pot of money and become rich. Today, follow the editor to learn about the Amazon platform.

Amazon sellers know that Amazon traffic has always been large, and registration does not require a deposit, and the review is also very fast. Especially, the review of goods is fast, and the customer price is relatively high, which is very consistent with the seller's taste. Amazon is favored by sellers.

What are the characteristics of Amazon platform

1、Amazon's powerful logistics system

Amazon operates FBA logistics and Amazon FBM, and FBA is solely in the charge of Amazon. From picking and packaging to distribution to after-sales, the seller is not responsible for everything, including the return processing, which is also handled by Amazon. It is very convenient, reducing a lot of working time for the seller. FBA supports multi-channel distribution services around the world, which is very convenient.

Amazon FBM needs the seller to be personally responsible for the delivery. From picking to packaging and distribution, the seller needs to do it himself. The seller can communicate directly with the customer. The logistics cost is cheap. Generally, the local government will provide the first customs clearance service, which is very convenient for the seller, but it cannot guarantee the timeliness, and there are also certain drawbacks.

2、Attach importance to user experience

Amazon platform always pays attention to user experience, such as listing page, review, and high-quality comments from qa. Amazon will also give the top ranking, and will have more exposure and click through rate, which will greatly help the sales of products. These are basically users' real comments, because false comments are prohibited by Amazon and will also be deleted.

3、Focus on products

The Amazon platform is different from the domestic platform. As long as the product is good enough on the Amazon platform, both novice and experienced sellers will strongly recommend the platform, so that the product can gain more exposure and improve the sales volume of the product. Amazon attaches great importance to the product. Recommending the product can also improve the popularity and exposure of the store.

4、Re recommend and re display

Newly registered novice sellers, Amazon, will have a three-month ranking recommendation, and will give some protection to improve the exposure and ranking of products, and attach great importance to recommendation;

The listing page shows the products in detail, including appearance, performance, materials and functions. Through various displays, including text, pictures and videos, the seller can learn about the products in more detail to promote the order quantity.

5、Large market coverage

The Amazon platform has the largest number of products and is the largest e-commerce shopping platform in the world. It has a wide coverage of global categories, with more than 17 sites and more than 65 countries. Users are all over the world.

6、Light advertising light seller

If the product is not good, even if the advertising expense is more invested, it may not achieve the expected traffic effect. Whether it is a novice seller or an experienced seller, Amazon has always focused on the product, rather than the seller; Although the advertising traffic can quickly bring traffic, the traffic is not stable, and it is not as stable as the natural traffic.

The reason why the Amazon platform is so big is that everything is based on users, and only users' vital interests can be so excellent. By taking advantage of Amazon's unique advantages, it has stepped onto the right track step by step, and become the big brother of cross-border e-commerce.

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