How about Amazon Holland? What information should the seller know


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How about the cross-border information Amazon Netherlands station? What information should the seller know

Since 2014,NetherlandsCustomers can useAmazon Netherlands StationBuy e-books, and all other requirements are redirected toAmazon Germany Station。 laterAmazonAnnounces that third-party sellers can use services amazon . Register on nlAmazon NetherlandsAccounts.

Both Dutch and foreign sellers were invited to join, and the sellers were eager to seize this opportunity. In 2019,AmazonI started translating product listing from German to Dutch, and started Amazon NL in 2020.

IThe seller in Holland is charged 39 euros per month

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that creating aAmazon Netherlands StationThe seller's account will be charged 39 euros per month (excluding VAT), but the seller canAmazon siteSell products on the Internet. This includes the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In order to complete orders across Europe, all sellers can use Amazon FBA's distribution and logistics projects.

According to Ylt translations, Amazon Netherlands will initially impose some restrictions on the types of products sold. For example, at present, only new products are allowed, and some products will need to be approved by Amazon before they can be sold.

2、 Amazon's competitors in the NetherlandsWhat are they?

The Netherlands has a long culture and many proud traditions, so it is better for sellers to learn to do things in their way rather than persuade them to do things in other ways. The following are some of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands, some of which are written in Dutch, so sellers may need an online page translator.

oneBol . com

This isLeading online in the Netherlands and Belgiumplatform, with annual sales of about 2.3 billion eurosUS $2.6 billion。 The platform provides more than 6 million products, including books, toys and electronic productsetc.


The largest consumer electronics online in the Netherlands and BelgiumOne of the platforms, annual sales of about 1.5 billion eurosUS $1.7 billion), similar to Bol . Com, but not so popular


OnesaleMen, women and childrenproduct's online fashionplatform。 There are more than 1500 brands and more than 150000 products on the platform.


gratefulGlobal Consumer ElectronicsplatformIt has 800 stores in 13 countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy and Türkiye.


An online home shopping platform,haveMore than 2000 brands400000 productsMainly inNetherlandssellHome, furniture and clothingProducts.

6.Albert Heijn

The leading online platform for supermarket chains in the Netherlands.

Competing online platforms will show sellers the expectations of Dutch consumers on e-commerce brands. Sellers should pay attention to how Dutch sellers handle pricing, develop return policies and marketing.

3、 Understand Dutch culture and its market

First, most Dutch consumers give priority to the lowest price. Although everyone's shopping habits are different, in general, sellers can take into account the bargain strategy in the Dutch market.

Secondly, we also need to consider the most popular product categories. According to the data of the Netherlands National Bureau of Statistics, the common goods that Dutch people buy online are:

1. Clothing/sporting goods: 52%;

twoTravel/accommodation: 47%;

threeTickets: 45%;

fourHousehold goods/equipment: 34%;

fiveBooks/magazines: 29%;

sixComputer/electronic products: 28%;

sevenFood/cosmetics: 26%;

eightTelecommunication services: 23%.

No matter what, don't be late. According to Dutch customers interviewed, this is the number one problem for e-commerce stores.According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Delayed delivery may result inAmazon accountBring negative feedback and other problems.

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