What are the conditions of Amazon account association? What should we do with account association


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What are the conditions of Amazon account association on e-commerce platform and what should be done with account association

Amazon account association is not new to sellers. They will hear or experience it every once in a while. Account association is not a good thing for sellers. How can we avoid it? Today we will talk aboutAmazon account associationQuestion.

There are many issues to consider in Amazon account association, such as computer operating environment, registration data, products, software, and other related factors, which may lead to Amazon account association.

What is Amazon account association

Amazon does not allow sellers to have multiple accounts in the same region. Only one account can be registered in the same region. If it is a different site, such as an American site or a Japanese site, this is allowed. If Amazon detects that the seller operates multiple accounts, account association will occur.

What are the relationships between Amazon accounts

Generally speaking, there are two cases of Amazon account association: one is associated with the site account, and the other is associated with the account of different sites.

If Amazon finds that the same product is sold on the same site, it may force the seller to close a listing. If the seller insists on not closing, it may be faced with two accounts being closed.

Account association of different sites. Generally speaking, if an account of a site is blocked, another site may also have an accident, but the specific time cannot be guaranteed. Generally speaking, if the associated account has an accident, it will all have an accident, and there will be no survivors.

What to do with Amazon account association

The materials are all new, the office environment includes the network cable, and the computers are all new, including the collection account, the use of different browsers, browsing habits, typing habits, input methods, etc;

Control the similarity of products to less than 30%, or directly select products of different categories.

If there is an Amazon account connection, the seller should not panic. He can appeal to Amazon, find out the reason why the account was blocked, and then admit his mistake to Amazon, propose solutions to the problem, and plan for the future. Generally speaking, he has a good attitude to admit his mistake. The account may be unsealed.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are many factors that lead to the relationship between Amazon accounts. Sellers must be careful not to touch these minefields to keep their accounts safe, and Amazon stores can do better and better.

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