What are the drainage methods outside the Amazon station, and what is the drainage effect of Slideshare


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What are the drainage methods outside the Amazon website and how about the drainage effect of Slideshare

As the big brother of the e-commerce industry, Amazon has always been the benchmark of the industry. In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has been supported by the state, and more and more people want to join in and share this big cake. The cake is so big in total that not everyone can eat it. This is the same reason with the traffic. Some sellers have a lot of traffic, sales are particularly good, and some have no interest. What should we do if the traffic is not enough? Today we will talk aboutDrainage outside Amazon StationQuestion.

There are two types of traffic: in station traffic and out station traffic. Generally, if the in station traffic is insufficient, it needs to be channeled through means and methods outside the station. High quality traffic can be channeled into the station through formal and safe methods to improve the click rate and conversion rate, and finally improve product sales.

What are the good methods for drainage outside Amazon

1、Listing products

The listing page contains a lot of content. No matter what the title, description, product highlights, keywords, A+pages, and classification nodes are, the seller should carefully optimize them. Ignoring every small detail may lead to no traffic. Listing is the basis for building a house. After the foundation is laid, there will be traffic.

2、Facebook drainage

There are many active users on Facebook, which is a very powerful marketing tool. There are many potential consumers, which can quickly improve the conversion rate.

Facebook can raise the number by posting, attract fans, or join interest groups, or organize more lottery and voting activities to draw the distance from fans, and then add appropriate products to guide users to buy; You can also cooperate with celebrities to provide free sample trials, which can be implemented on Facebook later.

3、Pinterest drainage

Amazon's external channel first registers a Pinterest Business account, creates a board by keyword, shares the product to the board of this keyword, and usesrich pinIt will make the pictures fuller, and show more forms, at the same time, it will get more rankings.Put the picture pin inPinterest accountAfter users see the image, they can click the image to enter the seller's website.

4、Slideshare drainage

Register a Slideshare account, add pictures of Amazon products, and make a PPT. When publishing the PPT, remember to bring the product keywords. It will be better to bring the product links, which can attract Amazon.

5. YouTube video streaming

Register a Youtube account, and you can put pictures and links of the product in the video production, which can play a very good role in promoting and draining. After the video is produced, it can be published on different platforms, and the draining effect will be better.

There are many ways to drain outside the Amazon site. Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that they should make decisions based on the actual situation, including products and funds, to choose a suitable drainage method.

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