Sellers should know these common Amazon terms and abbreviations


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Seagoing information sellers should know these common Amazon terms and abbreviations

Amazon PlatformIt is full of abbreviations and terms that make many new and old sellers confused. butAmazon SellerTo sell something, you must understand these contents. This article will introduce some commonAmazon terminologyAnd Abbreviations

ICommon Amazon terms

1.1P (first party seller): wholesale products toAmazon, Amazon manages branded products.

2.3P (third-party seller): directly sell products to consumers on Amazon platform through the seller's central account.

threeASIN(Amazon Standard Identification Number): the unique identifier assigned by Amazon, used for product identification;Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,When a seller creates a new product in the Amazon catalog, it is assigned an ASIN.

4. AWS (Amazon Web Services): the cloud platform provided by Amazon.

5. Parent&Child ASIN: a standard product (Parent) and its many variants (Child).

sixSKU(Inventory Unit): internal unique identifier used for inventory tracking.

7. UPC (Universal Product Code): the print code used to identify specific products on the product package.

IITerms related to brand management and compliance

oneAccount HealthAccount Health: A dashboard in the Seller Center that displays any account issues that need to be resolved, including an overview of account compliance with Amazon's performance goals and policies.

twoIP(Intellectual property rights): Creative works or inventions with patent, copyright, trademark and other rights owned by the seller. Protect IP from unauthorized sellers, combat copyright and trademark infringement, andAmazon Brand Registry. Single seller relationship and dedicated monitoring reduce IP risk.

threePOA(Plan of action plan): Call for restoring the sales privileges on Amazon, and plan steps to solve the causes, solutions and prevent future problems.

fourSeller ReviewProduct comments: customer comments on specific products on Amazon are displayed at the bottom of the product listing.

fiveSeller ReviewSeller's comments: the feedback of customers on the purchase and delivery experience can be found by clicking the text "Sold by Sold" on the right side of the product listing page.

sixSeller SupportSeller support: the region where the seller submits the case to Amazon.

sevenSuppression: Amazon hides or pauses the listing process, usually based on Amazon's pricing algorithm. Sellers may also face the suppression of "Buy Box", which means that their products will not be displayed, and customers need to click extra to purchase, resulting in a low conversion rate.

eightSuspensionSuspension: The seller's account is suspended by Amazon due to poor performance, violation of policies or attempts to sell restricted products.

nineTOS(Amazon's Terms of Service Amazon's Terms of Service): This is something that Amazon often updates. Every seller should pay attention to these updates to avoid being suspended or listed in violation of the terms of service.

tenVine: A seller can pay to submit plans for new products or pre release products to highly reliable Amazon commentators (known as "Vine Voice") for fair comments.

elevenVoC(Voice of the Customer): a dashboard in the Seller Center that displays Customer comments and complaints.According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Vendors can use it to optimize their products and listing.

3、 Terms related to pricing and results

oneAOV(Average order value): the average amount of orders placed by customers in Amazon stores each time.

twoASP(Average sales price): the average sales price in a certain period.

threeCOGS(Cost of goods sold): the cost of purchasing products in large quantities directly from manufacturers.

fourCR(Conversion rate): The ratio of unique page views on a page to sales.

fiveKPI(KPI): A measure of successful performance representing a brand or a specific category, such as the rate of return on spending, sales, and advertising expenditures.

sixMAP(Minimum advertising price): The lowest price that the seller agrees to sell its products on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms.

sevenROI(Return on investment): compare how much the seller spends on Amazon and how much he earns; Used to determine profit/loss.

eightTV(Target rate): the target number of units sold per day.

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