What are the drainage skills of facebook? Is the effect of graffiti wall drainage good


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What are the drainage skills of cross-border information Facebook, and whether the graffiti wall drainage effect is good

As an active website outside the site, Facebook has 1.4 billion active users, which can bring a lot of traffic to the store. Therefore, many Amazon sellers value the traffic. Today, let's talk aboutFacebook drainageSkills.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, facebook accounts for 47% of the world's users, which is a relatively large number. Through interaction with fans and advertising, it can play a good role in drainage. It is also one of the methods used by many sellers to drain.

Facebook drainage skills

1、Improve personal data

Facebook is a kind of communication and interaction. If one is very detailed in personal information, and the other is not written, which one will you choose to focus on as a user? It must be the former, so that users can know more about you, so that they may fall in love with your products or topics. It is also easy to promote products later.

2、Keep up to date

If the drainage effect is good and sustainable, of course, the update speed cannot be stopped. No matter blog posts or various information, once the update is stopped, the number of users' fans will definitely drop, so it is important to adhere to it.

3、Play with the graffiti wall

The graffiti wall is a relatively personalized one, which is similar to but different from microblogging. You can put some things to increase the number of fans, but don't directly put things about products, which may cause serious fan loss. Put things that users are interested in, or write something more interesting, to guide fans to follow, and then guide to the website, which will have a lot of traffic.

Put some interesting and valuable information in the graffiti wall and photo folder.

4、Make the most of your home page

There are many applications in Facebook, and sellers can make full use of them. For example, the rss submission function can well decorate their home pages and bring different elements.

5、Use Facebook's advertising alliance

This is an internal advertising alliance, which is a paid function. When there is a certain number of fans on the Facebook homepage or the number of fans increases slowly, you can consider opening an advertising alliance to increase the number of fans. Later, more fans will be gradually added to improve the website traffic.

6、Good picture and video selection

The combination of images and videos on Facebook can make users look bright. Of course, the images must have high definition and good pixels. If the images are prominent, they will get a lot of comments or shares, which will improve the popularity of sellers;

It should also be noted that the video should not be too long, seize the best time for users to watch the video, appropriately intersperse some product related things, and remember that it should not be too much at the beginning, which can greatly improve the conversion rate.

7、Grasp the key points

Attract users to stay on Facebook. Generally, humorous words can retain many users, just a few short sentences. On the contrary, a large number of words may disgust users.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that although Facebook has a good effect in attracting customers, it is not only offensive to users to insert advertisements by quoting products in the first place, but also easy to seal the number. Therefore, it must be done step by step. When the number of fans rises to a certain height, product advertisements can be inserted properly, which is acceptable to users, and can be diverted to Amazon stores later.

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