How to create Amazon's five point description? What should the seller pay attention to


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How to create the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon's five point description? What should the seller pay attention to

The five point description isAmazon product listingAn important part of. They are also called highlights orbullet points。AmazonFive point descriptionNext to the image, under the product variants, they are usually visible after the page is loaded.

How to create Amazon's five point description of cross-border information? What should the seller pay attention to

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,On mobile devices,Five point descriptionIt only appears at the bottom of the product page.

IWhy is the use of Amazon's five point description so important?

oneHelp customers make purchase decisions

Few customers scroll down the page to the product description. Generally, they only see the Bullet Points section.AmazonThe five point description briefly describes the most important characteristics of the product, which is used to persuade potential buyers to buy the product.


The five point description is indexed with the title and the general keywords of Amazon search. Therefore, using keywords in the five point description can optimizeAmazon ListingAnd provide higher visibility.

IIWhat should I pay attention to when creating a five point description?

1. As an Amazon seller, you can fill in up to 5Bullet Points, VC sellers are eligible for another 5 Bullet Points.

2. For the length of all Bullet Points, Amazon recommendsMaximum length is 200 to 250 characters, some product categories are limited to 150 characters.

3. Generally speaking, the seller should ensure that all Bullet Points are roughly the same length, and achieve the maximum information transmission in the minimum number of characters.

Amazon also claims that the use of synonyms in the five point description (such as bicycle, mountain bike, BMX) will not have a positive effect. On the contrary, this will create a negative impression on the customer and cause the customer to give up the purchase. Amazon recommends using these product specific keywords in back-end keywords.

3、 How should Amazon's five point description be built?

1. Many users only browse the five point description. Therefore, the most important should appear at the beginning of the five point description.

2. First of all, highlight the unique selling points of the product, so that customers can recognize Bullet Points at a glance.

3. In the best case, Bullet Points will answer the most common questions about the product.

4. In addition, the seller should let customers clearly understand the benefits of the product: what benefits can customers get from the product. Don't forget to use text descriptions to create visual representations of the product in the customer's mind as much as possible.

4、 What should I not do in Bullet Points?

1. Duplicate keyword.

2. Special characters (emoticons are not serious to customers).

3. Use UTF-8 special characters, such as making the font bold.

4. False or misleading customers to understand product characteristics.

5. Competitor brand.

6. Incorrect spelling.

7. Discount promotion.

The following picture is a good example of Bullet Points.

How to create the five point description of b2b Amazon? What should the seller pay attention to

The picture below is a very bad example of Bullet Points. The text is not only too long, but also full of emoticons.

How to create the five point description of Sailing Amazon? What should the seller pay attention to

Amazon's five point descriptionIt's Amazon listingImportant components ofThey are related to Amazon's search algorithm and purchase decision-making process.According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,When optimizing Amazon's five point description, two things are important:

First, explain bullet points from the customer's perspective.After all, this is to persuade customers to buy products.Due to Amazon's recommendationFive point descriptionThe length of characters is limited. It is recommended to always formulate product features from a customer-centric perspective, taking into account Amazon's keywords. Frequently asked questions should be answered directly with key points.

Second, use related keywords.It doesn't matter whether the keyword is first or last in bullet points. The only important thing is that the keyword should appear in the five point description.

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