How do Amazon toy products sell? What requirements should the seller pay attention to


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How do b2b amazon toy products sell? What requirements should the seller pay attention to

someAmazon toy sellerIt is estimated that during the holiday shopping season in the fourth quarter,ToysSales will increase significantly. However, if the seller's account or product does not meetAmazonBy strict standards, sellers may miss the profits of the holiday season.

Therefore, asAmazonSellers, naturally, should know how to sell in AmazonToysRequirements.

IAmazon toy sales requirements in the fourth quarter

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that Amazon has specific requirements for toy sales in the fourth quarter due to the "crazy" toy sales during the festival.

The following is the Q4 periodFBM SellerTo meet the requirements ofFBA SellerNo impact.

oneFBM sellers must complete their first sales in Amazon before September 2021. The first sale is allowed in any category, not limited toToys and gamesCategory.

twoFBM sellers must process and ship at least 25 FBM orders between August and October 2021.

The above standards are not only applicable to most sellers and brands, but also to Amazon sellers who only want to sell toys in the fourth quarter (from November 2021 to January 2022).

In order to obtain approval to sell toys during the holiday shopping season, the seller must also meet the following additional requirements:

1. As of October 2021,Order defect rateLess than 1%.

This metric refers to the percentage of the total number of defective orders in the 60 day period.

2. During the period from September to October 2021Pre Fulfillment CancellationsLess than 1.75%.

This ratio refers to the number of orders cancelled by the seller. At other times of the year, sellers need to keep this ratio below 2.5%. However, Amazon is more strict during the festival, and sellers must keep the cancellation rate below 1.75%.

3. From September to October, 2021Late delivery rateLess than 4%.

This indicator refers to the orders confirmed after the expected delivery date, and increases with each delayed delivery order.  

IIhowImprove in AmazonQ4Qualification to sell toys

Amazon sellers wantCheck thePerformance/Account HealthPerformance/account healthpart. IfsellerThe performance does not meet these restrictions. Here are Amazon's recommendationssellerImmediate action

oneMonitor customer indicators and take corrective actions if necessary.

twoFrequently manage orders in the accountManage OrdersPartially check the order.

threeReduce order cancellationRate;Only the inventory available for shipment is displayed.

4. When the seller cannot deliverUpdate account statusI.e. during holidays

fiveTimely deliver and confirm delivery.

sixMake sure the seller policy is up to date.

sevenIfIf the seller uses a third-party transportation company other than AmazonConsolidate their SLA commitments and provide them for transportation confirmation when they are mentioned.

IfsellerIf the above conditions are still not met, it can be used in Q4FBASales of toys. However, it is necessary to ensure that the goods can be restocked within all the time limits specified by Amazon FBA.

November 1 is the deadline for Amazon's FBA inventory of American sellers to ensure timely sales on Black Friday, Online Monday and Christmas.

3、 What policies should we pay attention to when selling toys at Amazon?

According to Statista, Amazon is the largest toy online sales platform in the United States, so it provides a lot of opportunities for sellers to improve their profits during the festival. Toy sellers should pay attention to the following policies:

1.1 Toy policy for children aged 12 and under.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,In the United States, all toys used by children aged 12 and under must comply with federal safety standards, including:

(1)ASTM F963-16 / -17

(2)Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

2. Amazon may require toy sellers to provide security documents at any time to confirm compliance.

3. In addition, in theAmazonThere is also a set of policies for specific toys and children's products sold on. Therefore, if the seller sells or plans to sell fingertip gyroscopes, invisible pens, magnetic building blocks, soft toys and other types of children's products, please be sure to read the relevant articles of Amazon to ensure that they meet the requirements.

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