Amazon seller listing was maliciously modified by VC account!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

Outbound Amazon seller listing was maliciously modified by VC account!

Recently, a seller reported that his listing was maliciously modified by the VC account, resulting in the listing being audited by the platform.

It is understood that the seller has been linked by a dog. Previously, it could generate about 20 optimistic sales every day, but now the listing status has become unsalable.

"I found that some sensitive words were added to the listing through performance notification." The seller said.

After careful examination, he found that listing was maliciously added with N95 masks and drugs.

At present, the seller said that he had lost a lot because of the link change, and was explaining the situation to the Amazon audit team.

In this regard, a seller said that I also encountered the same problem. The information maliciously added by the VC account before could not be overwritten with the template refresh, so I had to find the customer service to solve it.

An insider pointed out that in this case, the seller cannot change the template, so he needs to ask Amazon customer service for help to change it.

He also stressed that while opening a case to consult customer service, he should also submit a comprehensive picture of the product with UPC and the product manual to the customer service, so as to quickly solve the problem.

However, one seller said that consulting customer service was not very useful, and even asked the seller to handle it himself.

"I tried direct editing or template editing or re uploading after a day of complete deletion, but I couldn't delete the sensitive words. Then I asked the customer service, but the customer service still let me modify them myself." A seller roast.

As we all know, after most sellers' listing is maliciously modified or hijacked, they will first think that it is the VC account. In fact, this part of sellers' guesses are also correct.

Because now, only VC accounts can be so unscrupulous and malicious to sell and modify the product listing of ordinary sellers.

It should be emphasized that if the domestic seller listing encounters malicious modification or hijacking of the VC account, it should immediately collect evidence and provide feedback to Amazon.

If the customer service cannot solve the problem, you can ask other VC accounts to directly help you modify it.

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