What is Amazon DSP? What types of ads can sellers buy


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AmazonIn the field of digital advertising, the influence is growing. Amazon is investing heavily in its e-commerce marketing tools, especiallyAmazon DSP。 yesAmazon SellerFor example, Amazon is rapidly adding targeting options.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,TargetingHelps maximize advertising spending.Amazon
For any Amazon seller, evenAmazonFor other sellers, it is an important tool.

1、 What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon demander platformDemand Side
(DSP) supports the purchase and sale of digital advertising programmatically on Amazon. It also covers websites, social media platforms, mobile apps and online video channels.

DSPSuitable for sellers who want to buy display, video and audio ads on a large scale, including Amazon sellers andVCseller, and sellers who don't sell on Amazon at all.

DSPThere are two outstanding attributes.

oneAutomatic ad purchases span thousands of different websites.

twoTarget positioning based on Amazon's purchasing data.

2、 What type of ads can sellers buy?

There are three basic types of advertisements that appear in specific places.

With AmazonSponsored Product
(Sponsorship product advertising) andSponsored Brand Ads(Sponsored brand advertising) Different, the target can be on Amazon and the Amazon ecosystem, or outside Amazon, including the seller's website. This is important for DTC (direct customer facing) enterprises.

1.Display ads(Display advertisement)

These are standard banner ads in many different shapes and sizes. If the seller purchases display ads with Amazon DSP, they can be displayed in the following places:

(1) Amazon.

(2) Amazon devices.

(3) Websites owned and operated by Amazon include:IMDb、Audible、Box
Office Mojo、Zappos、Goodreads、Twitch

(4) On the network.

twoVideo advertising

Video ads can be connected with video content(OTT)They can also appear together as an element in an out stream video and can be displayed in the following places:

(1) Amazon website, such as IMDb.

(2) Fire
TV and other devices

(3) On the network.

threeAudio Advertising

Amazon also introduced audio advertising in the United States as a test. During the play break, audio ads will appear inAmazon Music(Amazon Music).

Keyword search will not triggerAmazon DSP Advertising。 DSP is defined by the seller, and Amazon provides appropriate advertising, so positioning options are important.

3、 Positioning Options for Amazon DSP

Amazon DSPSupport many advertising goals.

oneFor those users who have visited the product page, the seller can re promote the product to them, especially the products with long sales cycle/high price.

twoIf the seller wants to improve the brand awareness, he can introduce the brand or new products through video to obtain new customers outside Amazon.

Amazon DSPProvide thousands of customer segments and insight into shoppers' purchase history and intentions. Understanding different targeting options and combining them with the seller's advertising goals is the key to successful promotion through DSP.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,AmazonThere are data on consumers' shopping behavior. Based on these data, Amazon can determine lifestyle options, interests and demographics relatively easily and accurately. Therefore, Amazon DSP is a particularly valuable platform, even for those sellers who do not sell on Amazon.

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