What should I do if the goods in Amazon warehouse are lost?


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The loss of goods is an unthinkable problem for Amazon sellers.

As we all know, Amazon warehouse has a high standard and high security management service, but there will inevitably be human error or cargo loss.

However, on the other hand, the security of FBA is still higher than that of self delivery sellers.

Can Amazon sellers claim compensation from the platform for lost shipments?

Although the loss of the seller's goods is a small probability event, Amazon also has a corresponding claim policy for FBA sellers, so domestic sellers can claim compensation from the platform when their goods are lost.

It should be emphasized that Amazon also has many restrictions on specific claims.

First, the seller's goods stored in Amazon FBA warehouse were lost for more than a month.

Second, the seller's goods were stored in the Amazon warehouse, and the product was damaged due to the warehouse staff's mistakes in handling or storage.

Third, Amazon destroyed or abandoned the seller's goods without the seller's consent.

Fourth, the seller's products were lost or damaged during the delivery process using Amazon FBA.

If the seller's product has the above phenomena, then the seller can naturally claim compensation from Amazon.

What information should Amazon sellers provide when they apply to the platform for cargo loss claims?

oneProvide the freight bill number of the logistics company of this batch of goods, and the website link for querying the logistics information.

twoProvide the sign in form from Amazon warehouse to logistics carrier after receiving the goods.

threePacking list

In addition, if the seller has lost a large number of goods, the seller also needs to provide Amazon with a formal invoice receipt for the lost goods.

At the same time, some sellers reported that Amazon did not admit or made trouble for no reason when they made logistics claims.

"If a brand-new SKU is lost and there is no sales record before, the probability of successful claim will not be high," said one seller.

He also said that only when there is a sales record within three months can he open a case to let Amazon reassess the claim amount.

Of course, this does not mean that all sellers will encounter such a situation. If the seller's goods stored in Amazon warehouse are lost, he should immediately claim compensation to reduce his losses.(New media of cross-border e-commerce - blue ocean Yiguan website domain news)

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