What are the Facebook drainage techniques and how effective are the coupons


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What are the drainage skills of b2b Facebook, and whether the coupon drainage effect is good

Facebook has a very large number of active users. The number of active users has reached 1.4 billion. According to a survey, Americans spend one fifth of their online time on the Internet, especially on mobile terminals. 50% of people use Facebook. Today, let's talk aboutFacebook drainageskill.

The Facebook homepage must be done well first to attract users. In addition, it needs to interact with fans, communicate more, participate in activities, vote and other content. When the number of fans is active, it can be promoted.

Facebook drainage skills

1. Don't advertise directly

If the seller directly advertises on facebook at first, users will not only hate it, but also the account may be blocked or directly blocked. You can increase the activity and communication with users first, raise the account first, and then you can properly advertise some products later, so that users will not mind.

2. Choose the right pictures and videos

If you choose a product, the left side is a picture and plain text, and the right side is a video introduction. I believe that most people will choose video to understand the product, because the video is vivid and easy to understand. You only need to passively receive information, and users need to spend time to understand the picture and text.

The combination of pictures and videos will attract many users, thus improving the user activity of Facebook.

3. Coupon advertising

Facebook drainage, coupons, and discount coupons are all preferred by users. They can be appropriately introduced and then shared to users. Generally, they can enjoy discounts and coupons after consumption, which is also a way to attract consumers.

4. The title and link should be eye-catching and simple

The title and link of the product should be eye-catching, so that users can click on it at a glance. At the same time, it can also improve the popularity of the store. The introduction and price of the product must attract users. If not, users may not want to click on it, which will lose a lot of traffic.

5. Celebrity marketing

according toFacebookWe can also find celebrities on our website. According to the number of fans, the number of likes and the number of forwarding, we can judge whether the traffic that celebrities will bring is large or not. We can use celebrity marketing to attract traffic.

Remind all sellers to find a celebrity, and be sure to find a celebrity in charge. The effect is often better.

Facebook drainage considerations

FacebookAlthough there are many active users, the seller of drainage should also do a good job. There are many tips that must be followed. Otherwise, the drainage is useless.

FacebookAttention should be paid to the drainage. First of all, we should identify good people. When advertising, we should track the data in time and do a good job of analysis. When selecting a celebrity, we must conduct a multifaceted inspection and verification.

Reminder of Blue Ocean YiguanFacebookIn terms of drainage, the seller should start from the details, do a good job in packaging and pictures of the product, and try to use multiple channels, coupons and discount coupons, and attack through multiple channels at the same time, so as to make the drainage better.

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