What operations will be blocked in Shopee Taiwan?


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What operations will be blocked in cross-border Shopee Taiwan?

ShopeeThe rapid development of e-commerce market in Southeast Asia has attracted many domestic sellers to settle in. At the same time, compared with Singapore, Thailand and other sites, Shopee Taiwan is the most popular among domestic sellers.

In terms of the overall environment, Taiwan, China has the same language and similar living habits as the mainland people, which have become the advantages for domestic sellers to settle in Shopee Taiwan.

In addition, Taiwan's economic development is relatively developed. In the last century, Taiwan, together with South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, was called the "Four Little Dragons of Asia", which makes Taiwan's people better than other sites in terms of consumption capacity.

However, like Amazon, Shopee site also has many platform policies, and a little carelessness may lead to the risk of being blocked.

So, how can the sellers of Shopee's Taiwan, China site avoid being blocked?

oneThe selling price in the product link must be consistent with the selling price of other information.

For example, if the seller moves through ERP with one click, the product title and content may be copied from the original product, but it may also cause the price inconsistent with the product picture and description.

Then it is very likely that the system will determine that the price is not true, and there is a risk of being blocked.

twoThe product must provide relevant certification

For example, if the mainland seller wants to sell Bluetooth headsets, wireless mice and other wireless products in Taiwan, they need to provide NCC/BSMI certification before they can sell them.

At the same time, these certificates must also be reflected in the product link.

threeCan't lead buyers to other platforms or websites

According to the official regulations of Shopee, the seller cannot lead the consumers on the platform to other websites or platforms for transactions by other means.

Some links with Facebook, WeChat, line, qq and other websites cannot appear in the transaction records of the buyer and the seller. Once detected by the system, the seal number will also become a probability event.

fourThe product description shall comply with the platform regulations.

ShopeeWhen the seller writes the product name and description, he or she uses irrelevant keywords, or the product brand and product category attribute do not conform to the actual product, which will be judged by the system as misleading consumers.

Shopes may also be banned in serious cases.

Therefore, domestic sellers must abide by the platform policy when operating Shopee stores in Taiwan, or they will be blocked as promised.

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