What should we pay attention to when uploading Amazon images? Can the contrast effect be watermarked


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What should we pay attention to when uploading b2b Amazon images? Can the contrast effect be watermarked

I believe that most people will choose video presentations when they choose products, which is not only intuitive and visual impact, but also convenient for users to choose. Of course, images are better than videos. Pure text needs users to ponder slowly, and users need to digest. Today, we will talk about issues related to Amazon image upload.

Amazon sellers all know that there are 9 Amazon pictures, which are divided into one main picture and eight pictures. Amazon has strict requirements for pictures. If the pictures do not meet the requirements, Amazon has the right to refuse to upload pictures. Therefore, the seller is reminded to pay attention to various requirements and sizes of pictures.

What should we pay attention to when uploading Amazon pictures


The longest side of the product image should be at least 1000 pixels, and the height or width of the image should be at least 1000 pixels. If the product image is too small, it will affect browsing. The user experience is not good. The horizontal and vertical proportion of the image is 1:1.3. The image zoom function should maintain clarity, so the seller must grasp the size of the product image.


Amazon's requirements for product images: all images must have a white background, including one main image and eight attached images,JPEG(.jpg) , TIFF(.tif) , GIF(.gif) Images in these formats are acceptable. If they are not in these formats, they may not be uploaded, or they may not be uploaded. JPEG images are recommended.

3、Description and Title

When uploading an Amazon image, the title of the product image must be eye-catching, which can arouse the user's desire to buy. At the same time, the attached figure can have a description, and text description is allowed, but it should be clear where the customer's concerns are, and the description should be targeted.


When selecting products, sellers should pay attention to avoiding infringement, trademarks, invention patents, and packaging designs. If they choose products with patents, trademarks, or filed products, they will be involved in infringement, including the use of logos or words, and portraits. Without the authorization of brands, they cannot choose products at random. Pictures are also the same reason. Sellers must be careful in choosing products.

5、Picture type

According to the types of pictures, they can be divided into contrast effect pictures, use scene pictures, and product packaging pictures. The pictures are divided into one main picture and eight drawings.

The main picture is mainly the actual picture of the product. Except for the logo of the product itself, do not bring anything else, such as watermarks and accessories in the order;

The products in the main picture should occupy about 85% of the space. Some products can use models. If you want to use models, you must be real models, and it is better to stand up;

The eight product drawings can not be accompanied with logo and watermark. The use of models and main images is a standard. It is better to be a real model and stand in a standing posture, which is aimed at the side display of the product.

Both the main drawing and the attached drawing should be of high quality and clarity. The whole product should be displayed, not just some pictures. For products with variations, the parent product should have a main drawing.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that when uploading Amazon images, they should not only pay attention to the size, resolution, pixel, image quality, but also consider whether the images are infringing or not. All of them should comply with Amazon's rules, or they will bring some trouble to sellers. Sellers must be careful to operate.

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