Shou Che New World Yibang Future Retail Conference was finalized in Shanghai from December 23 to 24


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From December 23 to 24, Yibang Future Retail Conference will open in Shangri La, Pudong, Shanghai with the theme of "New World". For various new consumption propositions and industry changes in the post epidemic era, this conference will peel off the cocoon one by one, and restore a real and possible retail "new world" for the industry.

The Double 11 Festival in 2021 is more quiet than previous years, and many new consumer brands are rapidly marginalized in the hot sales list; The growth of middle and middle sized businesses is weak; Except that Tmall and JD reluctantly announced the low growth GMV, most brands and even platforms kept silent. On the other side of the landscape, the super head anchor has attracted tens of billions of pre-sales, and has an increasingly irresistible right to "talk" about traffic, brands, platforms and consumers, further reducing the brand's autonomy in acquiring customers.

Under the year-end examination, more enterprises were shocked and sadDecapitateHasOne out of two, but not in return for "free will"New consumptionbrandOverall decline, capital driven modelIn the face of rapid cooling and flow redistribution, the certainty on the development path is rapidly dissolving into chaos at a visible speed.

These phenomena began in 2021, and objectively opened a "new world" full of unknown and challenges for the entire retail industry. So let's enlarge the pattern and think, what is the tectonic force behind this "new world"? Jia Kun, editor in chief of Yibang Power, concluded that we are living in a small ageInformation technology+Internet technology applicationofEpilogue, lower openThe eve of new technological revolutionThe development elements of e-commerce growth are still in their infancy, lacking growth momentum.

It can be seen that the formation of the "new world" is the product of the overlapping of the flow saturation period and the technology buffer period, and it is the eve of quantitative change and qualitative change. In this special stage of e-commerce development, Ebon Power believes that the "new world" is still in sight, and the key lies in whether we can step into the context of the times to achieve the "gentleman leopard change".

E-Commerce platform called New World Yibang Future Retail Conference, which was finalized in Shanghai from December 23 to 24

From December 23 to 24, at the upcoming Yibang Future Retail Conference, Yibang will launch a series of topic collisions on the survival and quest of the new world, which will blow a strong wind for the upward development of the industry.

What is the new world?

Outline the basic path of future retail development

2021 is the year of anti-monopoly. With the increase of market supervision, barriers between platforms gradually collapse, and the freedom of the external chain becomes a reality. What kind of feedback did the market give after the above new weather lasted for several months? How will the freedom of external chain deeply affect the development of retail in the next step? Jia Penglei, president of Yibang Power, will bring the prediction on site.

In terms of technology application, meta universe, carbon neutrality, new energy... more high-tech penetration into the market, how will they achieve commercial value and influence the global new policy? Li Feng, founder of Fengrui Capital, will look ahead from the perspective of capital.

In the face of the rise of domestic brands and the gradual expansion of China's supply chain advantages, Yao Rongjun, President of Junzhi Strategic Consulting, will also be on the scene to describe a new path for the future development of Chinese brands for the industry.

How to lead to the new world?

Explain the new threshold of brand evolution

At present, live streaming with goods has become the standard configuration skill of merchants, but the online traffic is not self owned, and the problem of self owned traffic being difficult to "online popularity" always exists. To make a friend, founder Huang He asks about the soul——Is it true that the end of the universe can only be "live delivery"?

If the live channel is not the only one, thenInterconnectionMaybe it can open up a new imagination of retail marketing, likeIt will find new growth points for businesses based on the latest analysis of the market.

In this section, Yan Jianya, Chairman of Juzi Bio, will also take the stage to share his deep exploration of biotechnology and the impetus of bio medicine to the transformation of the underlying logic of the US industry.

New World Refreshes New Cognition

Insight into the Practical Application of Brand "Evolution Theory"

Can the old giants monopolize the track for a long time, and how will the new brands complete the "downgrading"? In the new world, the Challenger Capital, which invests in vigorous forests, Huoli28 and Ramen, will give an answer to this topic.

To count the biggest dark horse in the Double 11 this year, there must be candidatesITIb。 Only 18 months after its establishment,ITIB Competed against Uniqlo and ranked No. 1 in the sales volume of Junlin women's wear. What creative magic do they have when they create the "show and buy" mode and log on to Weiya's live studio for three times? Xu Kaite, founder of ITIb, an international innovation gathering platform, will personally bring it to share.

Focusing on new cognitive topics, well-known new consumer brands, such as Xiaoxian Stewed Tea, Daily Heiqiao Tea, Small Pots of Tea, and What's Worth Buying, will also express their insights in this forum, which will show the eternal red rule of brand innovation life cycle in a panoramic way.

New world breeds new species

Who can be the fittest in the future?

After the rise of the new retail concept, the offline scene began to transform, and more experiential stores based on customer personalized needs emerged rapidly and swept the market. As a new species of scene ecology, why are they loved by consumers? Wang Lijie, founder of Tomato Pocket, a new retail brand in all categories, will come out to answer the question.

The topic of "meta universe" has recently become the focus of the industry, but there is still a long way to go in terms of market applications. How should the industry recognize the forefront of the implementation of the infrastructure of virtual reality technology? Song Yang, the founder of Song Yang Fine Arts, will take art as an incision to bring about deep thinking on the question of "How many ways to reach the Yuan universe?".

This section is the same as "new species"Demon Fan LumaUbras and Ruoyechen will also appear one after another to discuss new opportunities for brand development after the current consumption upgrade.

In addition, the conference will also hold three sub forums, namely, "Digital Retail Annual Conference", "Brand Growth Annual Conference" and "New Traffic Annual Conference", and will release the "Future Retail New World Survival Rules" to jointly create results at the conference site; Release two authoritative reports: 2022 Future Retail Development Report and 2021 New Lifestyle Development Report; Announced the list of six awards, including the "Yibang Future Retail Award"... While writing a vivid footnote to the past year of Chinese retail history, it will light up the vast stars belonging to Chinese brands in the coming year.

The next stop is to go to the new world. Yibang is waiting for you!

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Cross border information shouts through the new world Yibang Future Retail Conference, which was finalized in Shanghai from December 23 to 24

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