What are the methods for clearing the stock of Amazon products? How effective is the bundled discount promotion


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What are the methods for clearance of cross-border outbound Amazon products, and how effective is the bundled discount promotion

For Amazon sellers, the biggest headache is the problem of excessive inventory. Some are caused by human factors, and some are not caused by human factors. The overstock of funds and the breakdown of the supply chain will bring great trouble to the sellers. Today we will talk aboutAmazon product clearanceQuestion.

As an Amazon seller, the product selection is wrong. For example, there are too many seasonal products selected, resulting in a serious inventory backlog. There are also too many reasons for the excessive inventory, as the product price on the listing is set too high, which is higher than the price of peers.

Too much inventory is unsalable, which not only causes storage fees, but also accumulates a large amount of funds. As a seller, you must find a way to deal with the product, and do a good job of clearing the warehouse of Amazon products. At the same time, you should remind the seller to do a good job in stock preparation and inventory management, so as to avoid excessive economic pressure on the seller.

What are the methods for Amazon product clearance

1、Social media clearing form

This form can generally give the product as a gift to users, increase the interaction between the brand and fans through social media, pull in the relationship with fans, which is good for the later brand promotion and product promotion, and can also quickly clear the excessive product inventory.

2、Looking for cooperation with offline wholesalers

It is easy to understand that the products to be cleared are handled through offline supermarkets, shopping malls or similar forms of group buying and wholesale markets.

Especially for unsalable and overstocked products, it is a good way to deal with it. The capital turnover and inventory overstock for sellers will be alleviated, which is a good plan.

3、Bundle discount promotion

Bundle sales promotion and seckill can both drive product sales, especially for products with excessive inventory, which account for inventory and storage costs, and also a large backlog of funds. Bundling sales can be used to link related products, such as mobile phones and mobile phone covers. Most users who buy mobile phones will buy mobile phone covers, which can be skillfully linked together and can also improve sales.

Discount promotion can be in the form of one free for one purchase, two free for three purchases, etc., or it can be directly in the form of promotion, with a 20% or 50% discount. If it is a good product, or if it is an old customer who has previously purchased, it will basically buy again, and the effect of dealing with clearance products is very good.

There is also Seckill. Amazon Seckill has BD, LD and DOTD Seckill. The time and cost are different. The seller can choose the appropriate Seckill according to the actual situation.

4、Half price sale

Amazon products are cleared and sold at half price. Generally speaking, the effect is good. Especially for regular customers who often buy a product, it is a good time to start. The seller can notify users by email; It can also be sold directly at the international station Alibaba, and then fill in more MOQ. For example, from 10 to 20, the price setting is low, and it is also easy to sell. It is also a good way to handle clearance.

5、Deals Discount Website

Deals discount websites generally have a large traffic, which is a good way for sellers to clear the warehouse and handle goods, and it is a quick and direct way to get results, such asdealnews. com, slickdealsWait a minute. When the seller clears the goods on the discount website, the price should be more appropriate. If the price is low, the user activity may be high, and the product clearance will be handled quickly.

6、Destroy All

This is the last way. If the product is a large object that is not easy to transport and the transport cost is very expensive, the seller can choose to destroy it. The seller needs to pay Amazon a certain amount of money to let Amazon professionals destroy the product.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that if there is too much stock in Amazon, it should be handled and digested in a timely manner. Otherwise, more and more stock will be piled up. If it is stored in Amazon warehouse, more storage fees will be incurred. For Amazon product clearance, sellers must choose a good method to dispose of the stock in a timely manner, whether to discard it or to clear it, or to send it to others. Choose the appropriate method according to the characteristics of the product.

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