What to do if Amazon account is blocked? Can account infringement be recovered


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What to do if the outbound Amazon account is blocked? Can the account infringement be recovered

There are many reasons for the closure of the Amazon account. For sellers, no matter what the reason is, they should correctly face it, actively deal with it, and strive to restore the account, which will bring less economic loss to the seller. Today, we will talk about the closure of the Amazon account.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that,Amazon account is blockedThere are many reasons, such as violation of Amazon rules, swiping, account association, and infringement, all of which involve the risk of being blocked.

What are the reasons for the closure of Amazon account


Infringements include trademark infringement, invention patent infringement, and outer packaging design infringement, which are basically divided into these three categories. If the seller accidentally infringes, the account may be closed, and in serious cases, the store may be closed.

Don't want to involve infringement. Sellers should pay attention when selecting products. They can learn from suppliers or factories, and they can also inquire on Amazon's official website through multiple channels to see whether the product has a patent. They can check on the patent website to see whether there is a brand record. If the product has a trademark, patent, etc., these products should not be involved, otherwise they will involve infringement, which will bring great trouble to sellers.

2、Account association

A seller uses a set of materials to register multiple accounts on the same site, which will definitely be blocked by Amazon. Account association is often seen in Amazon.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that in order to prevent account association, they must do ten new things: new computers, new systems, new routes, new broadband, new mailboxes, new products, new mobile phone numbers, new credit cards, new collection accounts, and new browsers. They must also ensure that they can not register at the same site. They can register at different Amazon sites, all of which are OK. In this way, account association can be effectively avoided.

3、click farming

To put it simply, the so-called manipulation reviews, reviews, qas, etc., are all the so-called reviews that sellers pay for. Although the number of reviews has increased, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and once found by Amazon, they will be blocked.

For the phenomenon of scalping, sellers should correctly face it. If the number of reviews is too small, and they want to improve the quality and quantity, they can adopt safe methods, such as real person evaluation, finding online celebrities to promote reviews, attracting people outside the site, dealing with websites, using active fan users to improve reviews, and Amazon's vine rating plan. The number and quality of reviews can be improved through correct methods.

What to do if Amazon account is blocked

The Amazon account has been closed. The seller should not panic. First find out the reason for the closure, and then write a letter of appeal to Amazon to try to find out whether the account can be returned.

First, explain what the situation is and the cause of the event, then admit the mistake, find the mistake and propose solutions to the problem, and then plan a plan for it. Of course, the clearer the plan is, the better. It is important to win Amazon's trust, and at the same time, avoid the same mistake in the future. It is generally a polite way to finish well, and I hope Amazon will restore its account as soon as possible.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are many reasons for the closure of their accounts. As the saying goes, if you take a leap, you will learn from it. Sellers should actively face the problem, find out the reason for the closure of their Amazon accounts, deal with it correctly, solve the problem, and plan for the next step, so that they can restore their accounts as before, and strive not to make the same mistake next time.

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