What is the registration process of Amazon Japan, and does the registered email have to be new


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What is the registration process of the cross-border information Amazon Japan station? Do you need a new email to register

Amazon has national support in recent years, and more and more people have joined as a bonus period. Amazon has more than 17 websites, including the U.S., Europe and Japan. Today, we'll talk about the registration of Amazon Japan.

Although Japan is small, it does not affect people's love for cross-border e-commerce. Relatively speaking, it has a small population, which provides a good platform for sellers. Amazon sellers can give full play to their regional advantages, which is why Amazon Japan is so popular. Sellers are eager to register.

Information required for Amazon Japan station registration

The company's business license, new computers, new network environment, new phones, new mailboxes, new international credit cards, new collection accounts, and corporate identity cards.

Amazon Japan Station Registration Process

Click Register Now on Amazon's official website, select Register in Japan, enter the seller's background login page, and create an Amazon account;

What is the registration process of the cross-border e-commerce Amazon Japan station, and does the registration email have to be new

Input the phone, email, corporate name and password, and then submit the email for verification;

What is the registration process of Seagoing Amazon Japan, and does the registered email have to be new

Finally, set the address, business and language, fill in the company information and personal seller information, enter the collection account and credit card information, fill in the store information, and submit the identity verification;

The next step is to wait for authentication and address verification. The seller chooses the right time to make an appointment. The seller will receive more detailed emails from Amazon within 24 hours;

What is the registration process of the cross-border e-commerce logistics Amazon Japan station, and does the registration mailbox have to be new

After making an appointment, the seller needs to attend the phone verification on time. The seller will receive a postcard from Amazon containing the address verification code. After the address verification is successful, there will be an identity verification. If all the verification is successful, Amazon Japan will be successfully registered.

Precautions for Amazon Japan Station Registration

1、All information provided by the seller shall be true, and no false information shall be provided, and the registration is not easy to pass;

2、If there are no special requirements in the text, pinyin or English shall be used;

3、The credit card used by the seller and the collection account number must be used correctly, otherwise it will bring great trouble to the seller;

4、Register the phone and email provided to ensure that the seller can be contacted, so that Amazon can communicate with the seller in a timely manner;

5、It is suggested that the seller should keep the purchase invoice for each time to avoid providing invoice for the account in the future when it is required to be audited;

6、It is recommended that the seller should use a stable network environment instead of a super browser;

7、Before registering Amazon Japan, the seller must prepare the required materials in advance, so as not to rush to find the materials at that time;

The registration of Amazon Japan is basically similar to that of other sites, but the individual process is different. Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that whether they provide materials or fill in Amazon information, they must ensure the authenticity to quickly and smoothly register the Japanese site.

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