Amazon was fined $1.3 billion in Italy for violating antitrust laws


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Amazon, an e-commerce platform, was fined US $1.3 billion in Italy for violating anti-monopoly laws

Thursday,ItalyRegulatory authorityAmazonImpose a fine of nearly 1.3 billion dollars, accuse him of violating the anti-monopoly lawAmazon warehouseAnd distribution system(FBA)Third party sellers offer special offers.

IAmazon uses FBA to provide competitive advantage

According to the New York Times, ItalianCompetition AuthorityThis decision was investigated by regulatorsAmazonHow to use logistics network and online platform to provide one of the first examples of competitive advantage.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Most products on Amazon are provided by third-party sellers who contact customers through Amazon. Amazon draws a certain proportion from each transaction. To increase costs, Amazon providesFulfillment by AmazonServices.

FBA serviceIt allows sellers to store their products in Amazon's warehouse, including inventory management, returns and customer service.The investigation found that theseAmazon Italy StationThe function of can effectively increase sales, which is critical to the success of sellers.

The regulator said that Amazon paid forFBA systemThe seller of, provides access to Amazon Prime customers and other advantages, which means that their products can usually be shipped within 24 hours, without paying the freight. These sellers can also participate“Black Friday”, "Cyber Monday" and "Prime Day". People who do not use Amazon's distribution system cannot participate in these activities.

IIAmazon will appeal

Amazon has invested heavily in Italy, where it once resisted e-commerce, but embraced e-commerce during the epidemic. In Italy, Amazon has established logistics warehouses and other logistics systems to deliver goods quickly.

According to the New York Times, Amazon said it would appeal. Amazon said that FBA service is optional, and most third-party sellers who sell products on Amazon do not use Amazon's logistics system. exceptAmazon FBAIn addition, third-party sellers have other ways to contact Prime customers.

Amazon said they strongly opposed ItalyAccording to the decision of the Competition Authority, the proposed fines and remedies are unreasonable and disproportionate.

3、 Will non FBA sellers gain the same advantage?

By "forcing" Amazon sellers to use FBA transportation services, Amazon has grown into one of the major logistics suppliers almost overnight. Amazon package delivery businessscaleNow available withUSPS United States Postal ServiceThe service is comparable. Moreover, in the past few years, Amazon has been steadily increasing its storage and transportation costs, using FBA as another way to extract revenue from sellers.

In addition to the fine, the Italian regulator also said that Amazon must let third-party sellers who do not use FBA services,Get the same sales and exposure opportunities, provided that they use logistics operators that meet certain standards. Amazon has one year to work out the standards that third-party logistics companies must meet.

Amazon is often the target of antitrust agencies. The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, is investigating Amazon's unfair behavior(Use data collected from third-party sellers to support your options)。

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Last month, Italian regulatorsAmazonAnd Apple imposed fines totaling more than 225 million US dollars because of their anti competitive cooperation in selling Apple and Beats products on Amazon. Amazon and Apple said they would appeal.

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