What are the categories of Amazon videos? What should we do if video upload is compressed


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What are the categories of Amazon videos of Sailing Info? What should we do if video upload is compressed

There are many platforms for foreigners to buy things online. Amazon is one of them, and it is also a popular platform for foreigners. Because the user experience is very good, Amazon video allows users to find products more quickly and conveniently. Today, let's talk about Amazon video.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, Amazon videos are divided into the following categories: product demonstration videos, advertising videos, unpacking videos, product comparison videos, and main image videos,Associated Videowait.

What are the categories of Amazon videos

1、Product comparison video

It's easy to understand that a new generation has been launched for the same product. A good comparison between the new and the old is made, and a comparison video of the product is produced for users to view.

2、Product use video

With regard to the characteristics, features and functions of the product, the seller uses the product video to let users quickly understand and operate by themselves, and gives a 360 degree detailed introduction to the product.

3、Unpacking video

Through the unpacking video displayed by the seller, users can clearly see some features of the product, such as appearance, accessories and materials, and fully understand the product.

4、Main picture video

An all-round display of the product, including brand promotion, with the seller's logo, allows users to increase more trust and enhance purchasing power.

5、Associated Video

Associated videos can improve the conversion of pages, reduce the occurrence of after-sales and returns, etc., which is conducive to fully showing the difference between products and competing products. Associated videos can improve the conversion rate, enhance the page dwell time, improve the trust, and prevent competing products from competing for traffic.

6、Advertising video

Advertising video can solve the problem of monotonous text boards and pictures. Video can quickly let users know about the product, effectively improve the product conversion rate and order volume, and increase users' trust in the product.

What are the requirements of Amazon Video

Video formats generally require AVI, 3GP, AAC, FLV, MOV, MP4 and MPEG-2;

The video shall not include the website or product review outside Amazon, or the price discount of products, etc;

The recommended minimum width of the thumbnail is 1920px, the title of the video is 100 characters at most, and the video introduction is 400 characters at most.

What to do if Amazon video upload is compressed

1、Change video size

If the video is too large, it may be compressed after uploading. The video size will directly affect the resolution. Therefore, the seller can try to change the video size to solve the problem of video compression after uploading.

2、Reduce video resolution

The resolution and bit rate of video will also affect the compression after uploading. For example, the bit rate of high-definition material is generally more than 15m, which can be changed to 2m to 10m. Therefore, it must be set appropriately.

3、Set video parameters

Compressed video can set the video format to other previous parameters, and the probability of video being compressed after uploading will be very small.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that no matter what kind of Amazon video is, sellers should upload it in strict accordance with Amazon rules, formats and requirements to bring better experience to users and increase their trust.

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