The acquisition of Opontia raised $42 million, targeting e-commerce brands in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa


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Cross border e-commerce platform acquisition company Opontia raised $42 million, targeting e-commerce brands in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Opontia, an e-commerce brand acquisition company, was established in March this year, and launched to the market in June. Earlier, it raised $20 million with bonds and equity to purchase small e-commerce brands that have been established for a long time.

The cross-border information acquisition company Opontia raised $42 million, targeting e-commerce brands in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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Blueocean Yiguan learned that Opontia just completed the second round of financing (round A) a few days ago, with a financing amount of 42 million dollars,Target e-commerce brands in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa

How is Opontia's acquisition going?

According to foreign media reports, to some extent, Opontia has focused its business on the target market.

Although Opontia focuses on the Middle East and African marketsat presentProgress only in parts of the Middle EastThis part of the region isUnited Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

however,In Central and Eastern Europe, Opontia has achieved significant entry, especially in Türkiye and Poland.

Philip, co-founder and co CEO of Opontia, said that there are opportunities in the African market, but at present, it is not comparable to the European and Middle East markets, which is why the company has not yet entered the African market.

For example, the scale of e-commerce in Central Europe and Poland is six times that of Egypt in Africa.

Of course, the African market needs to be laid out sooner or later, but now it has priority to enter the largest markets, including Poland, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and then Egypt and Pakistan.

As early as June, the founder disclosed to the media that,Opontia is negotiating acquisition with more than 100 small e-commerce brands, has signed multiple term agreements.

At that time, Opontia had acquired four brands, including the DTC brand Novimed in the United Arab Emirates, which sold a complete set of medical equipment and treatment products. After Novimed was acquired in August, its brand revenue has quadrupled and its profit has doubled.

Opontia intends to acquire more than 20 brands in 6 months, covering Central, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. At least two thirds of the financing amount in Round A (about 30 million dollars) will be used to acquire these brands.

How is Opontia different from its peers Thrasio and Perch?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that the e-commerce brand acquisition market includes OpontiaMeramaSuch new entrants also include many well-known enterprises, including Thrasio, Perch, Berlin Brands Group, Heyday, Elevate, Heroes, SellerX, Rainforest, Una Brands, Perch, The Razor Group, Branded, Benitago and Valoreo.

However, the routines of these well-known enterprises are the same, mainly to purchase Amazon seller brands.

After all, Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform, bringing together more than 1.5 million active sellers. Acquisition companies such as Thrasio will often persuade and entice Amazon small sellers to sell their brands to them, integrate these small sellers' brands, create their own single brands, and manage brand operations.

In terms of operation and target market, Opontia is different from Thrasio, which is a peer acquisition company.

Thrasio、Berlin Brands GroupBranded and other companies, mainly acquiring e-commerce seller brands in Western EuropeOpontia, on the other hand, aims at the opportunities in Eastern and Central European markets.

Moreover, only Opontia is active in the Middle East market.

Opontia said that there are many e-commerce enterprises in the Middle East and Africa, which have developed to a certain extent. Now they need external help to enter the next stage of development. Opontia's acquisition can just provide support for them.

In addition, Opontia is interested in acquiring seller brands with different channel sales models, rather than those pursuing a single sales model such as Thrasio, especially Amazon FBA sellers.

Manfred, another co-founder of Opontia, also said that Thrasio only purchased Amazon's FBA seller brand, whileOpontia not only acquires third-party e-commerce platform seller stores, but also acquires seller brands that are independent stations, Shopify stores, and social media platform stores.

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