Amazon blackmail: dozens of orders, poor comments+forged evaluation chat records, and closed the seller's shop


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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Recently, a Japanese website seller encountered a extortion gang, and the store was banned by Amazon.

"A few days ago, a product was put on the shelves with a unit price of more than 100 dollars. About ten days ago, dozens of orders were suddenly added to listing,About 70% belongs to cash on delivery。” The seller reported.
For a while, we should be happy with the sudden large number of orders. HoweverThere seems to be something strange about these orders. They are all placed at one time
The seller said: "I am quite familiar with these products. After half a month on the market, there were only two orders. I always felt something was wrong."
Later, he immediately opened a case to contact Amazon customer service, told listing that there were "suspicious orders" for products to be taken off the shelf, and hoped to cancel these orders.
However, the customer service said that they had no authority to handle it,Only after the order is delivered, the seller can contact the buyer to cancel the order through the internal letter
The next day, a Japanese WeChat added the seller, who claimed to be the "buyer" of the order.
On the third day, the "buyer" said that he had placed these orders, and clearly listed nearly 20 order numbers, and then asked the seller to return the money to him. After returning the money, they would give good comments.
After checking, the seller found that the details of these orders were indeed consistent with those cancelled the previous day.
Obviously, this is a group specialized in blackmailing sellers. First place the order in batches, and then let the seller return the payment, otherwise give a poor evaluation.
The seller firmly refused the swindler's unreasonable request.
However, the other side is reluctant to forgive,Showed the submitted screenshots of 1-star bad reviews and forged evaluation chat records to the seller,Threatened that only these two are neededLet the seller's shop be closed.
Sure enough, within a few days, the seller's shop was indeed closed by Amazon, and believed that the shop was fraudulent.

Cross border outbound Amazon blackmail: dozens of orders, bad comments+forged evaluation chat records, and closed the seller's shop

(Email screenshot provided by the seller)
An experienced seller believed that the successful rate of appeal was relatively low when the store was closed due to fraud. Although there were full chat records, at present, there were few sellers who complained because of fraud.
At present, there are many lawless people in Japan. Once you are targeted, if you cannot meet the requirements of the other party, it is normal to be accused of fraud and close the store.
Another seller said that it may be the result of a spoof by a competitor, and that the other party's naked threat shows that they think you can only accept defeat.
What's strange is that the seller has not contacted this person at all, nor entrusted other service providers or intermediaries to purchase orders,I don't know where the blackmailer can get the seller's contact information.
So, how did the swindler find the seller's contact information and successfully extorted?
An insider told Frontline of Cross border E-Commerce that after seeing the company name through Amazon's front desk, the fraudster may obtain the seller's information through Tianyan Search or through service providers, brand information and other channels for blackmail.
In addition to the above routines, service providers or swindlers often pay bills to extort money, and many sellers have been recruited.
There are many blackmail routines: leave chat records, threaten to report, and guide buyers in the evaluation group to avoid evaluation
1、 After the evaluation group sends the seller's link and the buyer places an order, he or she will threaten to ask for money with poor comments:
Some fraudsters find a product at Amazon's front desk and send it to the evaluation group,To the buyers in the group,This product needs to be free of evaluation and pay on delivery.
After the buyer places an order, the fraudster will blackout the buyer who has placed an order, and these buyers can only find the seller to ask for a commission or refund.
At the same time, the fraudster directly blackmailed the seller with the order number and threatened the seller with bad comments. If the seller did not pay, he would leave bad comments on these orders. In this case, many sellers have to accept the defeat and take money to deal with the disaster.
As far as the seller is concerned, he has no need to pay off the order, but the liar has directed and acted a shocking fraud. It can be said that the dumb people suffer from the coptis.
2、 Leave the seller's chat record and ask the seller for money, or report to Amazon:
The seller, Mr. Huang, entered the Amazon US station at the beginning of this year. At the beginning, in order to bring more traffic to the new store, he chose to swipe the order.
However, in order to save costs, Mr. Huang chose a service provider with unknown billing channels and contacted the other party only through WeChat. However, the other party began to threaten Mr. Huang after receiving evaluation commission and commission.
The service provider claimed that he had saved all the evaluation and chat records,We need to report Huang's scalping behavior to Amazon.
Then he said,If you give him a few hundred dollars, you don't need to report
After that, Mr. Huang gave the other party a fee for sealing up before settling the matter.
It can be seen from Mr. Huang's experience that scalping is not only faced with platform sanctions, but also may encounter "black eating black" if slightly careless.
Another situation is that these fraudsters did not place an order at all, but obtained seller information through some channels,Threatened to hold the handle of the seller's order or violation, forcing the seller to accept.
In the face of extortion, some sellers may refuse to compromise and stand firm, but some sellers can not resist threats and choose to accept, which also makes these professional recidivists more and more unscrupulous.
3、 Accept the entrustment of the opponent's bad comment, and backhand ask the seller to pay, otherwise give a bad comment
In 2020, Mr. Li, the seller, suddenly received a strange call, and the other party claimed to be a "service provider".
The "service provider" claimed that a competitor found himself and placed many evaluation orders in Li's shop, and asked for a poor evaluation of all these orders.
Subsequently, the "service provider" sent the order number via SMS.
Li quickly compared these order numbers with the background order information of the store, and found that these order numbers really belong to his store, and the order placement time is concentrated in a time period.
After a while, the other party called again to threaten.
"He told me,If he is not compensated 1000 yuan and the payment for goods is returnedThen he will give a bad comment on all these orders. " Li said.
Li realized that he had met a swindler and refused the unreasonable request of the other party.
However, the final result is that this product has many bad reviews.
An insider said that at present, all Amazon sitesFull of professional fraudstersIn this case, if you accept defeat for the first time, there may be a second or third time.
According to previous blackmail experiences of sellers, such scams are often not aimed at one seller, but at a large number of sellers.
Of course, the above-mentioned acts of extortion are just the tip of the iceberg of these black heart operations.
Is the seller really helpless for such extortion?
In fact, most of the extortion of domestic sellers is committed by Chinese fraudsters. Sellers can't just appease themselves to this kind of behavior. Instead, they will lose more if they always give in.
"In this case, you can go to the police. If the seller is repeatedly blackmailed by the same person and the amount is high, the public security organ can file a case for investigation." A legal person said.
He also pointed out that sellers should not tolerate such situations and must report to the platform and local public security.
An Amazon operator said that it was best to ignore such fraudsters,I have encountered before that I have not added their WeChat, and the messages sent to the website have not been returned. The store has no problems now.
In general, domestic sellers should try their best to avoid swiping orders or other illegal operations in the daily operation of their stores, so as to reduce their stores being "targeted" by fraudsters.
At the same time, if you find that the order quantity is abnormal in a short period of time, such as when the following orders suddenly concentrate in a certain period of time and are all cash on delivery, you should quickly contact Amazon to remove the product.
In addition, sellers should be rational and stick to the bottom line when encountering blackmail, so as not to give these criminals an opportunity.(Cross border e-commercethe first line

B2b Amazon blackmail: dozens of orders, poor comments+forged evaluation chat records, and closed the seller's shop

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