Which operations of the store seller may cause the store to be closed?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

ShopeeIn the two years since its launch, the number of downloaded e-commerce shopping apps in Southeast Asian countries has exceeded 80 million, and the number of third-party sellers on the platform has exceeded 4 million, with an amazing growth rate.

At present, Shopee has become one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, as Amazon has continuously strengthened supervision and tightened platform policies since this year, more and more domestic sellers have chosen to leave Amazon and settle in Shop.

Like Amazon, Shopee has a strict platform policy to maintain the sales order of the mall.

Unlike Amazon, Shopee is not so biased towards consumers and has adopted a relatively neutral attitude to formulate platform policies.

However, this does not mean that the seller can conduct "black operations" without fear. If the seller violates the rules, he or she will also face platform punishment, such as a seal.

Then, what operations will be blocked for the store seller?

oneSelling prohibited products

At present, Shopee has seven sites in Southeast Asia, and each site has different specific prohibition policies. However, once sellers sell contraband products, they will be banned by Shopee. In serious cases, they may be permanently banned.

twoclick farming

Almost every e-commerce platform has the phenomenon of order swiping, Shopee is no exception, but like other e-commerce platforms, Shopee also has zero tolerance for sellers' order swiping behavior.

Once discovered, the seal number is also a probability event.

threeAccount association

Like Amazon, Shopee also prohibits a seller from owning two or more stores. Shopee will be closed if found by the platform.

fourAbuse of keywords

In order to get more traffic for the product link, some sellers will write some words that do not conform to the platform rules in the product description and title, such as promotion, imitation of other brands, etc.

fiveFalse pricing

Some sellers often use low prices to attract consumers to enter the product link, but when consumers place an order, they find that they cannot buy at all.

In order to maintain the buyer's shopping experience, the platform will punish sellers who have such behaviors.

sixRepeated listing

If several types of products sold by sellers are similar, the same description cannot be used repeatedly when setting product titles, pictures, and descriptions, otherwise there is a risk of being warned by the platform.

Once the platform determines that the product is repeatedly published, the seller's shop is likely to be banned.

Therefore, domestic sellers should avoid the above operations when operating Shopee stores, so that their stores can operate for a long time.

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