Amazon self shipping FBM profit is not high, does the freight charge per piece


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The profit of cross-border e-commerce Amazon self delivery FBM is not high, does the freight charge per piece

Most people buy things in cross-border e-commerce, not only because the quality of many products is good and guaranteed, but also because there is a reliable logistics guarantee that can reach customers smoothly and quickly. Amazon logistics includes not only FBA, but also FBM. Let's learn about it todayAmazon self shipping FBMRelevant issues.

Amazon's self delivery FBM gives sellers great rights. They have great freedom to choose products or logistics methods. Besides, the profits are relatively high and there is no pressure on inventory. This is also the reason why many sellers choose FBM.

What is Amazon Self Shipping FBM

FBM is the abbreviation of "fulfillment by merchant", which means that Amazon sellers choose their own logistics mode to deliver goods to buyers by air, sea or express. It is also called Amazon self delivery FBM or no source mode.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon self shipping FBM


Sellers can choose logistics at their own discretion. They can compare multiple logistics merchants and choose those with high cost performance and low freight;

The seller does not need to stock up goods, and does not need to stock up a large number of products in the warehouse, which also reduces the economic pressure on the seller. The capital chain will not be broken if there is no shortage of goods;

The profit of FBM is usually high, generally reaching 30% to 40%, which is a great benefit for sellers;

FBM sellers can choose many products, which are not restricted by Amazon, and the product categories are relatively wide.


FBM stipulates that it takes 17 to 28 days for goods to be delivered to customers. Generally speaking, timeliness cannot be guaranteed, especially for sea transportation, which is greatly affected by weather. Customers cannot receive the goods, so it is easy to give a bad comment, which affects the conversion rate and sales volume of the store for sellers;

FBM's payment collection is relatively long, because the delivery cycle is long, and the payment collection time is relatively long, which generally takes about a month.

Amazon self delivery FBM fee

The cost of FBM varies according to different transportation modes. The cost of air transportation, sea transportation and international express is different.

1. Air transport

The air freight is generally directly related to the weight. The standard size is a price. If the weight is overweight or too large, it needs to be checked, and the price will be higher;

Volume weight (KG)=cargo volume (CBM)/0.006

Volume weight (KG)=length (CM) X width (CM) X height (CM)/6000

2、ocean shipping

Ocean shipping is divided into fast ships and slow ships. The cost of fast ships is different from that of slow ships. The cost of fast ships is more expensive, while the cost of slow ships is relatively cheap. The maximum carrying weight of ocean shipping can reach 500 tons.

Generally speaking, sea transportation is also charged according to the weight and volume of the goods, if it is overweight.

For the freight mode provided by Amazon, the seller can also set the freight in the background according to the order amount or the commodity weight.

Sea freight reference formula

Freight=freight rate × Freight ton=basic freight rate × (1+sum of surcharges) × the volume of freight transport.


If the standard size of express delivery is a price, if the size and weight exceed, the price will be much higher. Generally speaking, it is calculated in 0.5kg. If the specified weight is exceeded, the freight will be higher.

Freight reference formula of express delivery

General charging formula: freight=first weight+(total weight KG × 2-1 first weight) × Renew weight.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that no matter which way Amazon self shipping FBM chooses, sellers need to follow Amazon's rules and not do anything that violates Amazon's rules and requirements, so that Amazon stores can stay longer and bring more traffic and sales to the stores.

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