What are Amazon's terms in terms of platform marketing and advertising


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What Amazon terms do cross-border e-commerce logistics have in terms of platform marketing and advertising

stayAmazonThere are a lot of technical terms that people can't understand. Here are someAmazon terminology, related to marketing advertising,Amazon SellerYou can learn about it.

oneAmazon Marketing Common Terms


Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,On a product detail page, the brand sendsAmazonCustomers show multiple variations of the same product, such as size or color. This allows shoppers to easily compare and contrast product attributes before making a purchase decision.

twoCX (customer experience)

The relationship and interaction between customers and brands.

threePDP(product detail page)

The product details page is a page selling unique products on Amazon, including title, product variants, several marketing elements and customer comments; Also known as product listing. PDP needs to be optimized regularly to improve product sales more easily.

fourBuy Box

The box on the right side of Amazon's product details page, where customers can add items to their shopping cart. Amazon uses proprietary algorithms to specifyBuy BoxIt is the top seller of the product. Sellers must meet performance-based requirements to be eligible to compete for the "Buy Box" position, which may increase sales.


Optimize the process of listing various elements of Amazon products based on natural ranking, so that the products can be presented to more customers as much as possible.SEOIt also involves keyword location and Amazon's search algorithm.

IITerms related to Amazon marketing tools

oneAPS(Amazon Publisher Services)

A set of cloud computing based services enables network and APP publishers to sell advertising promotion positions on the website to third-party Amazon sellers.

twoA+ Content

The graphic module appearing in the listing product description allows brands to share their unique stories, highlight key functions, expand product specifications, and display brands and photos (formerly called Enhanced Brand Content).


Also known as Amazon Store, it is a brand landing page that enables sellers to create a unique and cohesive shopping experience for their customers.

Storefront shows all the products of a brand, tells the story of the brand, and also serves as the landing page for Amazon advertising.

fourAmazon Live

One of Amazon's functions is to provide interactive live broadcast for shopping, display products and interact with shoppers.

fiveBrand Registry

An Amazon project is provided to brands with registered trademarks to protect their goods and intellectual property rights. Amazon brand registration also provides specific marketing and advertising functions for sellers.


Amazon's Demand Side Platform enables sellers to programmatically purchase display ad advertising, audio and video advertising programs, which can run on the Internet inside and outside the Amazon Platform.

sevenOTT(over-the-top video ads)

This is a non clickable full screen advertisement that can reach the audience through TV resources including Amazon Fire TV.

3、 Amazon Marketing Common Abbreviations

oneACoS(advertising cost of sale)

That is, the cost of advertising sales, ACoS=advertising spending ÷ advertising sales, which means the money spent on advertising activities in advertising revenue, as a percentage of total revenue. This indicator helps to measure the overall success rate of Amazon's advertising activities.

twoCPC(cost per click)

It is the cost per click. It is the cost incurred by visitors per click on Amazon advertising.

threeNCX rate

The full name is negative customer experience rate. The number of orders (including returns, refunds, one star product reviews, etc.) with problems reported by Amazon's customers recently divided by the total number of Amazon's recent orders.


Pay per click advertising campaign. In this kind of advertising campaign, every time a visitor clicks the seller's advertisement, the seller will pay for it.

fiveROAS(return on ad spend)

ROAS advertising expenditure return rate=sales ÷ advertising expenditure. This is a way to measure the efficiency of advertising activities.

sixTACoS(total advertising cost of sale)

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,TACoS total cost of advertising sales=advertising spending ÷ total sales (not just advertising sales), which is the percentage of advertising spending in total sales, so that sellers can understand how advertising spending drives overall sales.

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