What are the background keywords of Amazon? Is it important?


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What are the background keywords of Sailing Amazon? Is it important?

Amazon background keywords are a kind of keywords, which are very important for listing optimization and product search ranking.

Why are there background keywords?

From the perspective of consumers, the keywords used by sellers are search words. It can help consumers find sellers' products among millions of products on Amazon platform.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that there are two kinds of keywords on the Amazon platform.

The first is the main keywords. The keywords that the seller adds to the product listing detail page can be seen by consumers, so they can also be called foreground keywords. Amazon A10 algorithm uses these keywords to index.

The second is background keywords. As the name implies, they help optimize search terms in the background to increase product exposure. Although Amazon A10 algorithm uses these keywords, consumers cannot see them.

in fact,Background keywords can be said to be a supplement to foreground keywordsBecause the space of the listing details page is limited after all, it is impossible to add too many keywords, otherwise it will affect consumers' reading and understanding, resulting in poor reviews, or even low search ranking, which is counterproductive.

Put these endless but important keywords in the position of "background keywords", which can not only increase the exposure of the product, but also avoid over piling keywords in the title, description and other areas.

and,Background keywords are not so limited, such as abbreviations, common misspellings of product names, and other FBA keywords.

For example, suppose that the seller sells a pullover, a knitted fabric that is usually used to keep warm in winter, but consumers may use a variety of search terms, such as cardigan, jersey, jumper, maillot, raglan, shug, slip over, and sweatshirt.

In this case, the seller canProduct titleAdd the main keyword "pullover", and then add the above search words that consumers may use as background keywords, which can greatly increase the probability of products appearing in search results, because these background keywords cover almost all possible search words.

How can background keywords help optimize listing?

The reason why Amazon sets background keywords is, on the one hand, to help sellers improve product exposure, and on the other hand, to maintain the readability of listing pages and add value to products by improving the quality of listing.

As mentioned above, sellers can use keywords that cannot be used in the foreground as background keywords, such as spelling variants, colloquial/slang, synonyms, commonly used abbreviations, or names of similar products.

In short, effective use of background keywords can improve the BSR of products(Best Seller Rank)。

Take an example to see how it works.

If the consumer is looking for the product "nano set" that the seller is selling, then the background keywords can add "nail care set", "nail care kit", "manual kit", or even the capitalized "Manicure set".

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