What are the deals in Amazon? Can LD sellers apply for them


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What are the deals in the cross-border e-commerce Amazon site? Can LD sellers apply for them

For Amazon sellers, the ultimate goal is nothing more than to improve product sales. The premise of improving product sales is to have traffic. How does the traffic come from? Today, I followed Xiao Bian to learn about the issues of deals in Amazon, so as to quickly improve the traffic and product sales.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds Amazon sellers that the deals in Amazon are basically BD,LDThere are several DOTD methods. The cost is different, and the time period for launching the second kill is different. The seller should choose the appropriate second kill method according to the actual situation.

What are the deals in Amazon


BD is the abbreviation of Best Deal. Generally speaking, if you want to participate in BD, the seller should first use FBA for logistics distribution; There are also stars whose level cannot be lower than 3; If the applied price is 15% off of the current shopping cart or lower, the seller can apply twice a month at most.

To participate in BD, you can only apply through the investment manager. The time of seckill is 14 days, and no fee is charged. If the seckill time allocated to the seller is not good, the seller can reapply.


LD YesLighting DealTo participate in LD, you should use FBA logistics distribution, and ensure sufficient inventory. The price of Seckill should be 20% lower than the current shopping cart price; The star level is no less than 3; LD can only be applied once a month.

The sellers who participate in LD can apply in the background or through the investment manager. The time for second killing is generally 4 to 6 hours, 4 hours in the US station, and 6 hours in the European station. The fee is charged according to the asin. Each listing in the US is 150 dollars.

LD has clear regulations, such as medical equipment, baby milk powder, alcohol, cigarettes and other products can not participate in the second killing, and the seller must abide by Amazon's rules.


DOTD isDeal OF The DayThe seller must have more than 20 reviews; The star level must reach 4; The product price must reach a discount of more than 20%; It also has 100000 to 200000 inventories.

Participation in the DOTD must be an official invitation from Amazon. You cannot directly participate in the Seckill. The Seckill only lasts one day. Because the DOTD traffic is very large, it is also known as the king of the kings in Seckill. It is also a Seckill that many sellers want to participate in.

What problems should we pay attention to in Amazon's website deals

Lanhaiyiguan reminds sellers that if they want to get a good conversion rate and product sales, they must do their homework before the second kill. For example, they should warm up their products in advance, do a good job of promotion on the site in advance, post posts outside the site, and also bring more traffic through advertising. Only by bringing traffic to the product warm-up in advance, can they ensure more traffic for the second kill activity;

At the same time, sufficient inventory should be prepared to avoid out of stock or out of stock during the activity, so as to improve the popularity and sales of products.

As an Amazon seller, you should know when to participate in the deals on the Amazon website, and you must grasp the time, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day in spring; Summer has summer vacation; There is a school season in autumn; In winter, there are Halloween, Blacktop and Christmas. Seize these festivals and activities, and you can do a good job of second killing, which can also bring great sales to sellers.

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