What information does Amazon need to open a store, and what are the costs of opening a store


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What information does Amazon need to open a cross-border e-commerce logistics store? What are the costs of opening a store

As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. For many sellers, it is also not easy to open a store in Amazon. First, you should prepare sufficient information. If the information is incomplete or untrue, you may make mistakes in the first step. Today we will talk aboutAmazon opened shopRelevant issues.

It takes a long time for novice sellers to take good care of Amazon stores. Of course, novice Xiaobai has become an experienced Amazon player, which will not only accumulate a lot of experience, but also gain economic benefits.

Materials required for Amazon to open a store

The identity card of the legal person needs both sides and is within the validity period;

The business license of the company must also be within the validity period. Scanning or photocopying is also allowed, but it must be color;

Multi currency credit cards and dual currency credit cards can also be used. They must be new credit cards, have not registered Amazon accounts, and have sufficient credit lines for overseas deductions;

The mobile phone number also needs to be new, and has not registered an Amazon account;

The new email also has no Amazon account;

The collection account is used for goods collection, which can be directly bound to a bank account or used with other cards. Because it involves overseas remittances, there are many collection accounts, such as pingpong, Wanlihui, p card, Amazon Global Collection, etc;

The new computer and network environment has not logged in or registered an Amazon account.

How to register an Amazon store

Find the Amazon official website, click I want to open a store, and the page will jump to the store opening page. The seller can fill in the detailed information;

Input the detailed information of the seller and the company information, and ensure the authenticity of the data, so as to ensure a higher pass rate;

After filling in all the information, the seller will wait for the review.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are two ways to register Amazon stores, one is through the seller's own registration, the other is through the investment manager's registration. Individual registration is relatively simple, but the pass rate is generally low; There are many steps and materials required to register with the investment manager, but the pass rate is high. It is suggested that the seller should register an enterprise account, which is also good for the later development of the store operation.

What are the charges for opening an Amazon store

Generally speaking, Amazon stores have basic storage fees, including monthly storage fees and long-term storage fees; Order processing fee and order removal fee; There is also a logistics delivery fee. It depends on whether the seller chooses Amazon FBA or FBM. Different delivery modes have different fees; There are other fees, such as return handling fees.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that when opening an Amazon store, they must prepare the materials in advance and take precautions. If they can't get there in a hurry, they may miss a lot of things and bring unnecessary trouble to sellers.

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