Amazon FBA packaging instructions: requirements for labels, boxed products and plastic bags


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Packaging instructions for Amazon FBA cross-border e-commerce platform: requirements for labels, boxed products and plastic bags

Amazon FBAMake it easy to deliver and ship orders,Amazon SellerJust send the inventory to the warehouse. But the seller still needs to meetAmazon FBA PackagingSome standards of.

IAmazon FBA General Label Requirements

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Amazon FBAThe label of must meet the following conditions:

oneProduct labels must contain identical product titles.

twoUse no more than 50 characters.

threeThe first letter of each word should be capitalized, but not all.

fourSymbols and special characters are not allowed.

5. Cannot be usedPromotion title.

IIFBA package and boxed products

The package of products sold by Sets must be marked as a set. For example, "Sold as set" is sold as a set, or "Part of a set, do not separate" is a part of the set and cannot be disassembled. Stock products must be sealed to avoid separation.

IfAmazonThe seller intends to send boxed sets toAmazon FBA warehouse, make sure to follow the instructions below:

oneBoxed stockIt must be six sided and have openings that are not easy to open automatically.

2. If the box can be easily opened automatically, the seller must use adhesive or staples.

3. When the medium pressure acts on either side of the box, the box shall not collapse.

fourIf the side of the boxed stock has holes or openings, it must pass a 3 foot drop test.

fiveIf the product fails this test, it must be placed in a plastic bag with a suffocation warning.

sixNo box containing more than one standard size item shall exceed 25 inches on any side. This limit may be exceeded if the box contains over 25 inches of oversized stock.

sevenThe box shall not exceed the standard weight limit of 50 pounds, unless there is an oversized item exceeding 50 pounds inside.

eightThe box containing jewelry or watches must not exceed 40 pounds.

3、 FBA case packed products

To send the case packed product to Amazon FBA, the seller should ensure that the product meets the following standards:

1. All products in the box must have a matchingSKUAnd condition, and must be packaged by the manufacturer.

2. The packaging box of the same product must contain the same quantity of the product, and each box shall not exceed 150 units.

3. When receiving this type of goods,Amazon Warehouse's processing Scan a unit from the box and put the box in stock.

4. In some cases, multiple case packs may be loaded into a larger box, called a master carton. The above requirements apply to the case pack level.

4、 Requirements for plastic bags

To use Amazon FBA plastic bags to protect items, sellers must follow the instructions below:

1. For plastic bags with openings greater than or equal to 5 inches, a suffocation warning must be printed on the bag or attached as a label.

2. Amazon has precise requirements for the minimum print size of the suffocation warning label, which corresponds to the length and width of the bag.

3. The thickness of the bag shall be at least 1.5 mm.

4. The plastic bag must be transparent.

5. Plastic bags must have scannable barcode or XOO label, or XOO or ASIN label on the outside of the bag.

6. The plastic bag must be completely sealed.

7. The bulged plastic bag or shrink wrap shall not be 3 inches larger than the size of the product.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,AmazonSellers can use plastic bag alternatives as long as they meet these requirements. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can choose to plant plastic bags and biodegradable plastic bags.

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