What is Amazon click through rate? What are the methods to improve Amazon click through rate


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What is Amazon click rate of cross-border e-commerce, and what are the methods to improve Amazon click rate

For Amazon sellers, advertising can quickly increase their exposure and click through rate. For example, CPC, PPC, etc., which are often used, are paid per click, and bring a lot of traffic. However, sometimes the traffic is inaccurate or there is no traffic. At this time, we need to find the reason.Today we will talk aboutAmazon click through rateRelevant issues.

Some keywords are not set accurately, which will lead to invalid traffic; Or the keyword bid is too low without traffic

Key words arevariedThere are a wide range of matching patterns and precise phrases. When there is no keyword data in the early stage, you can consider opening a wide range for a period of time. If you have precise keywords, you should not open a wide range, which will waste a lot of money, and there is no accurate traffic. In the later stage, you only need to open phrase matching or precise matching.

Another point is that when advertising, the seller must reject the words in a timely manner. If there are many irrelevant words, they must reject them in a timely manner. Otherwise, it will waste a lot of money. At the same time, the seller must summarize the data report in a timely manner. Only by doing this well, can the click through rate be effectively improved.

What is?AmazonClick through rate?

Click through rate is also called CTRClickThroughRateThe click through rate is used to test the advertising output ratio. If the Amazon listing page is optimized well enough, the click through rate will be higher and the conversion rate will be higher.


As Amazon sellers, they want their products to get high exposure, click through rate and conversion rate. However, they need to integrate various factors, such as product quality, good promotion methods, and good operation methods, to effectively improve click through rate and conversion rate.

In the same case, the higher the click through rate, the better the advertising quality and keyword matching. Generally speaking, a click through rate between 0.4 and 0.8 is normal.

How to improve Amazon's click through rate

1. Title

The title should be concise and clear, and the first letter should be capitalized and not too long. If it is too long, the mobile terminal may not be displayed.

There should be no special symbols. The title should highlight the product, attract users' attention, increase users' stay time, improve exposure and click through rate. The title should be closely related to the product, and words unrelated to the product should not be written.


First of all, Amazon requires that the background of the image should be white, and it has high requirements for pixels. The suggestion is1000 * 1000 pixelsThe image zooming is also clear. In addition, the image must be of high quality. It cannot be blurry and unclear. It is better to shoot at an angle of 15 degrees.

The main picture of the product must be selected correctly to capture users' psychology and attract users.

The product accounts for 85% of the images, which cannot be too much or too little, which will affect the user experience.

3. Description

The description in Amazon listing is a supplement to the title and key points. It is necessary to make full use of easy to understand language to introduce the product. Through the introduction of product features, functions and other aspects, users can fully understand the product and can promote users to place orders.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds Amazon sellers that to improve Amazon's click through rate, we should start from many aspects, not from a single point of view. Only by improving in all aspects can we effectively improve the click through rate.

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