Why do Amazon warehouse frequently lose items?


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Why do the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon warehouse frequently lose items?

two thousand and twenty-oneFor Amazon sellers, it was a year of many disasters.

The cost of cross-border logistics transportation keeps rising, and domestic sellers have been plagued by problems such as congestion at various ports. Finally, the products are finally delivered to Amazon warehouse after many hardships.

However, products stored in Amazon warehouses are not safe.

A seller told Blue Ocean Yiguan that he sent a batch of goods to Amazon warehouse in March this year, totaling 600 pieces, but the goods that had been signed by Amazon disappeared in the warehouse.

Later, the seller immediately contacted Amazon customer service, but the customer service said that the claim could not be made until six months after the shipment was created.

However, the seller believed that the logistics claim policy was not such a provision, but that he could apply for a claim six months after the delivery.

The seller did not agree with the customer service solution, but he could do nothing.

In fact, since this year, the incidents of domestic sellers losing items in Amazon warehouses have emerged in an endless stream, which has become a common phenomenon.

"Although Amazon has a logistics compensation policy, for sellers, these compensation amounts must not be refunded, and the complaint materials are cumbersome and the cycle is long, which makes some sellers have no energy to apply and quit." An insider said.

Why do Amazon warehouse frequently lose items?

In addition to natural disasters or force majeure factors, warehouse employees sometimes lead to "strange disappearance" of sellers' packages.

For example, an incident that shocked all the sellers occurred in Amazon America.

On the way to deliver packages, an Amazon warehouse driver thought of the heavy work pressure and suddenly felt upset. He wanted to get off work immediately, so he threw all the products on the car into the river at the roadside.

After the event was exposed by foreign media, Amazon also responded that the driver involved had been dismissed as a temporary worker and would compensate the corresponding seller.

This event also caused the outside world to worry about the working environment of Amazon employees. Because of the work pressure, the driver was bored and threw away the package.

At the same time, Amazon also restricts employees from using mobile phones and going to the toilet too often, or they may be fired. Similarly, the warehouse lost items frequently.

Therefore, in order to prevent more lost items, Amazon should pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees.

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