Amazon SFP Registration: What kind of sellers can meet the requirements


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Amazon SFP registration of e-commerce platform: what kind of sellers can meet the requirements

getAmazon SFP RegistrationThe qualification process is somewhat complicated,AmazonOpen only to new sellers at specific timesSeller Fulfilled PrimeProject, but the waitlist list is open to potential applicants.

IHow to qualify for Amazon SFP

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Amazon SFPThe qualification of depends on whether the 2 days free delivery promised by Prime project can be achieved.

Previously,AmazonSFP sellers only need to provide 2 days of transportation to specific states. According to Datahawk, this provision has been changed to require sellers to ship goods nationwide.

According to Amazon's official SFP page, Amazon's current requirements are as follows:

1. Provide Premium Shipping Options.

2. More than 99% of orders can be delivered on time.

3. The order cancellation rate is lower than 0.5%.

4. At least 99% of orders use Amazon Buy Shipping Services.

5. Whether the delivery of all standard size products covers the whole United States.

6. Use the delivery method that supports weekend delivery and pickup (Saturday or Sunday).

7. Meet the target of 1-day and 2-day delivery commitments.

8.Seller Fulfilled PDelivery orders supported by the prime carrier.

9. The Seller must agree to Amazon Returns Policy(Amazon Return Policy)。

10. All customer service queries are allowed to be processed by Amazon.

Although these are high standards that need to be met, acceptance of the plan will enable Asia toMasson SFP SellerGet transportation integration to quickly complete these orders.

These requirements can be changed. In the past, there was a complex equation to balance page views and transportation speed to determine whether SFP sellers were qualified. Although the current Amazon SFP plan is much more streamlined, the demand for seller participation is also high.

twoAdvantages and disadvantages of Amazon SFP

Many Amazon sellers are weighing whether the benefits of managing inventory and transportation by themselves outweigh the inconvenience of additional management tasks.

althoughAmazon SFPFor some sellers, it may be a good choice; But for other sellers, the profit may not exceed the cost (loss). Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Amazon SFP:

1. Advantages of Amazon SFP

(1) The seller manages the storage of inventory independently.

(2) Long term storage in Amazon warehouse does not require additional costs.

(3)AmazonPrimebadgeAll the benefits. With Amazon's Prime logo, third-party sellers can reach the most motivated shoppers on Amazon (Prime buyers).

(4) Additional exposure of the product to Prime buyers.

(5) The seller can choose their shipping API.

(6) Amazon SFP may be a good solution for multi-channel sellers.

2. Disadvantages of Amazon SFP

(1) The benefits and profits brought by Prime users may not exceed the product storage costs, and the seller may not make much money.

(2) Long application process.

(3) If the transportation speed slows down, it is easy to lose the SFP status.

(4) It may not be suitable for smaller sellers and businesses.

(5) The seller must provide weekend delivery.

In short, Amazon SFP provides significant benefits to large enough sellers and enterprises, who can effectively manage their inventory and warehouse and maintain the fast delivery time required by Prime.

In order to qualify for Amazon's SFP program, sellers who mainly arrange their own inventory storage may lose money if they cannot find an economical and inexpensive storage method and sell enough products.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,IfAmazonThe seller is considering becoming a SFP seller. It is better to ensure that there is a certain sales history to support this change.

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