FBA or FBM should be selected for furniture making in Amazon America


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FBA or FBM should be selected for furniture making in Amazon America, an e-commerce platform

AmazonMore than 2.5 million active sellers worldwideSome people choose to complete the order by themselvesFBM),Some people would rather pay Amazon to complete the orderFBASo they can focus onotherThings.

IFBA furniture seller

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,under these circumstances,The seller wantsBe able tohaveproductShip toAmazonWarehouse of.stayFBAIn the service, the seller only needsReceive productslistingOrder on, no need to dootherAnything.

Amazon will pack orders from their warehouse and ship them directly to customers. Ifsomething the matterOccurs, they will handle all returns and refunds.

oneFBAAdvantages of

(1)Amazon Prime customers ordersellerProducts canget2 day deliveryservice

(2) SellerNo need to process inventoryTransportation and customer service.

(3)When similarFBMThe seller is competing for the sameproductDirectory,FBA SellerPriority is given to accepting orders.

twoFBADisadvantages of

(1) Compared with Amazon, the seller has little control over the sales of products

(2)staysellerBefore transporting the product to the warehouse,Need to meet AmazonStrict requirements for packaging and labeling.

(3)The seller shall pay FBA fees andMonthly Amazon fees, two may be expensive together. And Amazon FBACost is based on product sizeTherefore, for some larger and heavier furniture products, the seller will spend more money.

IIFBM furniture seller

This is a simpler model. The seller needs to sell the product on Amazon, and then collect money from it. At the same time, the seller has to deal with other things himself.

Amazon sellers need to package orders, deliver goods, handle all returns, refunds and customer service themselves. This model also has some advantages and disadvantages.

1. Advantages of FBM

(1) Compared with FBA, the seller has to pay Amazon less.

(2) The seller can almost completely control the product transaction.

(3) Flexibility of packaging and labelling specifications.

2. Disadvantages of FBM

(1) If the listing sold by the seller is competitiveFBA seller,When the customer places an order on the listing, the FBM seller will not be preferred.

(2) FBM sellers have to deal with all returns, refunds and customer service issues, which can sometimes be a headache.

(3) Amazon has strict regulations in some aspects, such as the number of "out of stock" products and the number of order cancellations. If the seller does not comply with these rules, it may result in fines and fewer customers to purchase products.

3、 What should furniture sellers choose?

At first glance, using FBA seems to be a better idea. Who doesn't want to use Amazon's various resources to develop their stores?

But it involves larger products, such asfurnitureThe cost of Amazon FBA may become very expensive, which may erode the seller's profits, and the seller will earn less money.

When it comes to other small and low-cost goods, such asClothing or kitchen knivesThe situation is different. In this case, many sellers will apply to join the FBA program, and they can accept the relevant warehouse rent and delivery costs.

However, because most furniture is expensive and takes up large storage space, FBM may be a good choice. In short, Amazon sellers can choose FBA or FBM according to specific products.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,IfAmazonIf sellers sell small products such as small stools and home decorations, they can choose FBA to do business. For other heavy products, such as sofa sets, beds and tables, sellers can choose FBM.

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