What are Amazon's warehousing fees? Monthly warehousing fees in October are more than RMB per cubic meter


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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What are the warehousing fees of the e-commerce platform Amazon? The monthly warehousing fees in October are more than RMB per cubic meter

As the saying goes, a drop of water wears away a stone. It takes a lot of time and perseverance to do a good job successfully. It is not easy. For Amazon sellers, it also takes a lot of time, energy and fees to manage Amazon stores. Today we will talk aboutAmazon warehousingCost issues.

For Amazon sellers, it is important to know what the warehousing fees are. Amazon warehousing fees include many, including warehousing fees, order fees, logistics delivery fees, first trip fees, and other fees.

What are Amazon's warehousing fees

1、Storage fee

Amazon's warehousing fee is divided into monthly warehousing fee and long-term warehousing fee. From January to September, the monthly warehousing fee is US $0.69 per cubic foot; Among them, October to December is the peak sales season, and the monthly storage fee is relatively high, 2.4 dollars per cubic foot;

Amazon will count the inventory on the 15th day of each month. For goods over 12 months, it will charge 6.9 dollars per cubic foot, or 0.15 dollars per piece for long-term storage.

2、Order fee

The order fee includes the order delivery fee and order removal fee. Amazon Logistics is responsible for the delivery, which will result in the order delivery fee, which is calculated according to the size, weight and size of the product;

Order removal fee means that Amazon products need to be re launched due to various problems. First, remove the products, and then re label them before they are launched. This involves order removal fees.

3、Return fee

The return fee is charged based on each piece. The price varies according to the size of the product. Generally, Amazon will collect the return fee at home, and then pay a certain return fee.

4、Logistics cost

Amazon warehousing costs, Amazon FBA first journey costs, according to the size and weight of the product, do a good job of customs clearance, to successfully reach the Amazon warehouse.

There are many ways to choose in the first step. The seller can choose Amazon FBA or a third-party service provider. The product should be ready and customs clearance should be done in time. Otherwise, customs clearance may not be possible.

For the first journey, the seller can choose air, sea and express delivery. According to the actual situation of the product and the needs of the customer, the seller can choose the appropriate first journey. Of course, the cost is different.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon's warehousing costs include a lot. Sellers should consider the cost issue according to the actual situation of the product, the seller's capital situation, as well as the user's needs, and various factors to ensure the normal operation of the Amazon store as much as possible.

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