What does Amazon Opportunity Explorer do?


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What's the use of Amazon Opportunity Explorer?

Amazon Opportunity ExplorerIs a tool that allowsAmazon SellerView trends, product availability, prices, and requirements. thisAmazon ToolsIt shows the best time to launch products and provides insight into the performance of each product.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonSeller can useAmazon Opportunity ExplorerFind opportunities to make money on Amazon. The tool shows what people are searching for, how they find the seller's product listing, and the data of consumer purchase behavior.

Using this data, sellers can identify potential customers who may be interested in the product. Sellers can also use this information to create more targeted content, marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and increase revenue.

Amazon collects information internally and externallyTo build the data used by Amazon Opportunity Explorer.

The internal data includes the search bar on the home page, product detailsfeelingSearch term data collected elsewhere on pages and sites. External data comes from a third party, such asGoogle Analytics, Bing Ads and other places where Amazon can compile data.

Data at cluster levelCluster like levelAggregation. Two or more search terms may belong to the same cluster.

1、 How Amazon collects productsdata

Amazon useshisWebsite, mobileAPPAnd other equipment customers. The data collected includes

oneSearch term

twoNumber of searches performed

threeimplementsearchDate of

4. Execute SearchCountries.

These data are combined with product sales data to build eachniche The market basket of. Here's an example

If the customer enters“cable TVCable TV and select“HDTVsAs a result, wesureKnow that the customer is looking for high-definition TV.AmazonAlso collected with HD TVBrowseOther product information purchased. This helps determine how many people search for cable TV, but do not buy any high-definition TV.

These data also includeNumber of times each word is searchedThe frequency of being browsed, and whether this search term has been generatedconversion

Products are grouped by category, subcategory, brand, manufacturer, or other attributes. For example, a user might search“iPhone”, ViewAppleProducts, but only iPhone accessories. In this example, the search term "iPhone" and category“Apple”CombinationCategorize customers' buying tendencies in as much detail as possible.

2、 Niche product dataUsed in this tool

Amazon collects and analyzes billions of customer searches and purchases every day. This data is then used to build niches and summary information displayed in Amazon Opportunity Explorer.

These data come from all regions and all languages. Amazon uses machine learning algorithmsTo analyze millions of customer searches and purchases per month,as far as possibleBest identify customer demand patterns. These patterns are then combined with other data sources to create each niche by category. Niche construction is carried out in real time, and each update takes less than 1 second

A niche is a group of customers with similar interests and buying patterns. For example,People who like cooking may be interested in buying kitchen tools, while people who like hiking may be interested in camping equipment.

Amazon has all the data collected and analyzed. This includes other data information from customer searches, purchases, reviews, ratings, and Amazon requests.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Amazon Opportunity ExplorerIt is established for product research and development. It provides comprehensive and specific product, search phrase and purchase history data.

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