What is the reason why Amazon closed its store? How does the seller restore the account?


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What is the reason for the closure of the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon? How does the seller restore the account?

Amazon closed the storeIt is a painful experience for any seller. In addition to violating the platform regulations, there are other reasons for closing the store. Only by understanding these reasons can we successfully find a solution and restore the account.

What are the main reasons why Amazon has been banned?

1. Suspicious behavior

2. Use multiple IP and MAC addresses to operate their Amazon accounts, or use the same computer and WIFI to log in to multiple Amazon sales accounts

3. Incorrect or incomplete account information (usually the seller will receive the following notice)

What is the reason for the closure of Amazon's cross-border information store? How does the seller restore the account?

4. Amazon mainly provides poor quality consumer servicesSeller account performance indicatorsTo judge service quality, mainly including order defect rate, order cancellation rate and delayed delivery rate

5. Selling fake goods to consumers

6. The product has quality and safety problems

7. Other behaviors, such as selling products banned by Amazon, abusing consumer reviews, misusing product details pages, etc

How to unseal Amazon sales account?

Whether the account sales are suspended or the account number is directly blocked, Amazon will send a notification email, including the reason for the blocking and asking the seller for some information.

It is recommended to read this email carefully, specify the problem in the letter of appeal, and provide true and effective information and evidence. The probability of account recovery is high.

The following are some specific operation suggestions and techniques, which can be referred to when applying for account restoration.

1. Directly submit documents required by Amazon

This is a direct way to unseal your account. However, according to Blue Ocean Yiguan, this way is suitable for home buyers.

If the buyer's account is closed, you can take these steps:

a. Open the browser and log in to the email ID registered in Amazon (because the account is blocked at this time)

b. Open the last "Order Delivery Confirmation" email

c. Now, click the link provided in the email to access the Amazon account, where you can see most of the information, except the product details

d. Try to buy something from the Amazon platform

e. During the purchase process, you will receive the prompt "Your Amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold"

f. This page will also display the "Add document" button. Click this button to upload all necessary files

After submitting, wait for Amazon to contact.

2. Call Amazon administrator or account specialist (customer specialist)

Search online to get the contact number of the Amazon seller support team in the seller's country, call them, and explain why the account was closed. Ask the Amazon account specialist to review and unseal it.

3. Online communication with Amazon account specialist

To use the online chat function, you need to log in to the Amazon account, but the account is closed at this time, which is inconvenient. All sellers must log in with another active account.

After logging in, contact Amazon through the "online chat" function, provide verification information as required, and explain why the account was closed. Then Amazon account specialists will review and do the necessary work.

4. Contact Amazon account specialist by email

Amazon sends an email to inform the seller that its account has been blocked.

In fact, Amazon also wants sellers to submit by emailPOA Action Plan, or account complaint email, in which the reason for the store being blocked should be clarified, the root cause, not the surface cause. In addition, ensure that the POA email involves future preventive measures to avoid the same mistakes.

Several key points about POA action plan:

First, assure the Amazon team that this mistake will not be made again;

Second, explain the measures that the seller should take to improve the service;

Third, it is better to write a solution in the form of points than a large paragraph of text;

Finally, don't blame consumers in POA books.

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