Costco recalled nearly 140000 candle products due to potential fire hazards


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Costco recalled nearly 140000 candle products due to the potential fire hazard of b2b

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC)Said,CostcoAlaura Two Tone Jar Candles bottles are being recalledcandleThe number of products recalled is nearly 140000.

According to the information on the CPSC website, the picture below shows the recalled product:

Costco recalled nearly 140,000 candle products due to the potential fire hazard of cross-border information

ICostco candle has fire hazard

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that the recalledCandles have two different fragrances, Frosted Forest and Vanilla Biscotti.

CPSCSaid that these two scented candles were placed in decorative glass containers with metal lids. The date of this recall is December 16, 2021,About 139500 inventories were affected.

CostcoThis recalled candle has the risk of being broken, cracked or broken when the can containing the candle is burned, which may cause the consumer to be cut or cause a fire. The manufacturer is Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc. of Wellsville, NY. The product is produced in the United States, and the recall code is 22-712.

IIThe manufacturer has received 138 reports

So far, the manufacturer Northern Lights Enterprises has received138 Reports on "Bottled Candles Broken or Broken in Use", including 3 reports of laceration after burning candles.

The following is to determine whether Costco candles are affected by the recall.

Turn this bottle candle over and check if there is a label underneath. The label on the bottom of the glass container of the recalled bottled candle product reads“Alaura Candles”word.

From August to September 2021, these candles will be sold on Costco Wholesale Warehouses and Costco. com across the United States. Each product will sell for about $17.

CPSC urges consumers to stop using this candle immediately and return the purchased products to any companyCostcoCostco Supermarket to get a full refund. If the buyer cannot return the candles to the nearby store, he can contact Northern Lights via email cr @ northernlightscandles. com. The company will provide instructions on how to cut the candle core, and provide verification to the company to prove that the buyer has done so, and then deal with the candle to obtain a full refund.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,CostcoAll known purchasers are being contacted directly to inform them of recalls and procedures.

Some time ago, there were also decorative products(Christmas mailbox)When recalled, the seller should pay more attention to the relevant Christmas decoration products, whether there is any potential risk of recall or other risks, to avoid being unable to sell in the peak season,

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