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Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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Why choose Amazon UK for cross-border sea going?

Only in 2020,Amazon UK StationIt has gained about 17.5 billion dollars in sales and 579.5 million visits. For sellers who want to become e-commerce, the UK is a mature e-commerce market with a relatively perfect e-commerce ecosystem and background environment.

Choosing Amazon UK Station, on the one hand, is an opportunity to rapidly increase revenue; on the other hand, Amazon is the world's first e-commerce platform, which is a good commodity testing platform to help sellers better plan the future of independent stations.

Here are five main reasons why sellers choose Amazon UK.

1. Large sales opportunities

According to Amazon's SME Impact Report, in 2020, the export sales of British small enterprises reached 3.5 billion pounds, an increase of 20% over 2019.

Blue Ocean Yiguan also learned that in 2020, the annual sales of more than 14000 Amazon UK sellers exceeded 100000 pounds, and more than 1000 sellers reached 1 million pounds for the first time.

2. Simple

As a small enterprise and small seller, we certainly hope to quickly publish products, sell products, obtain income, and improve brand awareness. In terms of these "simple" features, Amazon is an ideal e-commerce platform.

When selling on the Amazon platform, the seller only needs to enter the product to be sold, set a fixed price, record the product status, and click "Yes".

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that, under normal circumstances, the listing just launched will take effect in 15 minutes.

Compared with other auction websites and e-commerce websites, this is a very simple and time-saving operation, does not require any website development technology, and does not cost much (compared with building independent stations).

3. Low cost

Amazon allows unlimited sellersProduct listingThere is no listing publishing fee. In this way, sellers can choose their own sales strategies, such as immediately displaying all products, or slowly introducing new products with the improvement of brand awareness.

As for freight and order handling fee, there is no fixed cost.

It should be kept in mind that if the seller is a VAT registered seller, he must pay a monthly subscription fee of 28.75 or 25 pounds in some "professional categories". However, if the seller sells enough products to obtain large sales, this amount of money is not much.

4. Consumer trust

Amazon is loved, respected and supported by most consumers.

A survey in December last year showed that consumers' satisfaction with Amazon was 86 points (out of 100 points), which is as high as any other American e-commerce website.

In other words, if you sell goods through Amazon, you can directly take advantage of the trust and loyalty that the platform has built in consumers' hearts, including the secure payment system.

On the contrary, if the seller sets up an independent station, consumers who are unfamiliar with the seller's brand may find it difficult to make a decision to buy the seller's products even if they are interested in such products.

5. Market awareness

By entering the Amazon platform and selling on it, sellers can easily learn about the pricing of other competitors' products and the marketing scripts they are using to see if there are any problems.

Any small enterprise or seller should rely on targeted and intelligent pricing and marketing methods. Amazon platform can help in these areas.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that there are many successful start-ups on Amazon UK. Many start-ups use the Amazon platform to increase sales and expand exposure, such as BakedIn, a baking product and subscription service brand, Smarter, a creator of intelligent devices, Piccolo, a natural baby food company, etc.

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