Amazon Vine plan? How to benefit sellers


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How about Amazon Vine, a cross-border e-commerce platform? How to benefit sellers

joinAmazon Vine ProgramIt will bring many benefits to the seller. If there is no benefit, there won't be so muchAmazon SellerUse it. The key thing to remember is that,Vine VoicesThere is no obligation to guarantee a positive comment.

So before registering,AmazonThe seller needs to have confidence in the quality of the products sold.

IVine is good for new products

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonVine PlanIt is very helpful for new products and brands.

becauseAmazonOne of the requirements for Vine Program participation qualification is that the product should have no more than 30 comments, which provides a good opportunity for word of mouth communication for products that have just been launched and are still trying to find an audience.

Suppose the Amazon seller provides a headset, which can make it easier for consumers to conduct teleconferencing when working at home. Vine Voice's comments successfully demonstrated that the headset held a conference call on Android, which will immediately attract customers seeking similar solutions.

IIMore than 40% of respondents will read comments

Comments are important to the customer. According to Landingcube,More than 40% of respondents said they bought at Amazon because they could see comments from other buyers.

This is not all. Consumers, especially young consumers, will expect to see a lot of comments on a product before considering whether to buy it.

How about the Amazon Vine plan of Sailing Info? How to benefit sellers

Previously, in order to get reviews, sellers had to sell a lot of inventory in order to get reviews from buyers. In the Vine plan, the seller provides products for free in exchange for comments, which is a good way to quickly establish brand awareness without creating a large amount of initial sales.

This can prevent sellers from falling into the endless cycle of "you need comments to sell, but you need sales to receive comments". Many Amazon sellers find themselves in this situation before.

3、 Vine can eliminate biased comments

One of the benefits of the Vine program is that it helps to eliminate unfair or biased comments. Because there is a common fact in the e-commerce world, customers can easily damage a brand through unfavorable and sometimes unfair comments.

Vine VoicesThe risk of being invited to comment is minimized because of their credible review history. The only reason why the seller got a bad rating is that the quality of the products provided is very poor.

Of course, occasionally Amazon sellers will also receive negative comments on Vine Voice. under these circumstances,If other potential buyers can see the seller trying to remedy any defects of a product, they are more likely to build trust in the brand,Because customers will see that this is a rational and careful seller.

Building customer relationships is important. Amazon sellers can integrate CRM tools into the customer database to track any negative feedback for future follow-up.

meanwhile,When the commenters on Vine make positive comments, it will be more significant and credible。 First of all, Amazon's algorithm will give priority to the top reviewers. As a buyer, you must rank very high to become Vine Voices, which means that the exposure of their products will be maximized for any comments they post.

As mentioned earlier, Vine Voices' comments are usually deep and fair, and can provide a good overview of the product.According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,This will eventually improveAmazon SellerAverage e-commerce conversion rate, driving traffic to product listing.

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