What are Amazon videos? Do they have length limits


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What are Amazon videos for cross-border shipping? Are there any length limits for videos

Videos can intuitively understand a product or event. Why many people can't live without their mobile phones? They are almost everywhere they go. Nowadays, few people read books and newspapers. Because people enjoy the impact of vision, which is more interesting than paper-based ones, let's talk about Amazon video today.

Amazon videos include many,Main picture video, associated videos, graphic videos, etc., the seller can choose a lot, and can choose the appropriate video according to the actual situation to improveListing ranking and product sales.

Generally speaking, 60 seconds of video is the best time, which can not only capture the customer's psychology, but also quickly introduce the product. Appropriate text should be added in the video to guide users to understand the product to achieve the purpose of purchase.

What are Amazon videos

1、Main picture video

The pixels of the main image video should be clear, the title should not exceed 60 characters, the associated ASIN should not exceed 300, and the shooting angle should be appropriate. Try to use a professional camera, and the lighting should also be reasonable, so that good photos and videos can be taken. The seller can take photos himself or find a professional team to take photos.

2、Comparison video

Different models of the same type of products, or related products, can take comparative videos to show users the best video experience and select the most appropriate products.

3、Product Video

For the use, functions and features of the product, you can take photos to promote the product in detail, so that users can fully understand the product.

4、Associated Video

The associated video format should be correct, high quality, good pixels, and clear thumbnails. Usually, you can select multiple channels to launch, enhance the user experience, and improve the conversion rate.

5、Test video

It is easy to understand the test type. For example, can the glass break? Similar videos can be shot. Of course, you should pay attention to safety so that users can fully understand the product.

6、Unpacking video

The unpacking video sounds mysterious. This kind of video on you tu be is very popular, which brings a sense of mystery to users. This kind of technology products mostly use unpacking videos.

Is Amazon video limited in length?

Blueocean Yiguan warned that if the video does not exceed 25 minutes, it can be uploaded. If the video is too long, it may not pass the review.

Blueocean Yiguan reminded sellers that when choosing Amazon videos, all video pixels should be good, and there should be no blurring, which will greatly affect user experience. Only when all preparations are completed, can the ranking and brand awareness be effectively improved, and the conversion rate and order rate will also rise significantly.

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