The most dangerous toys in the United States include non motorized scooters, rubber balls, etc


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Cross border information The most dangerous toys in the United States include non motorized scooters, rubber balls, etc

To make parents pay attentionChildren's ToysSecurity,U.S.AFamous accidental injury law firmGJEL Accident AttorneysThe most dangerousToysList.

IRecent dangerous toys

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, according to the report of ToynewsU.S.AGovernment data from 2017 to 2020,Non motorized scooterIs the most dangerous modern in AmericaToysFirst, 41700 related injuries were treated in the emergency room last year. The second isball, and thenRubber ball

along withElectric scooterContinued growth in the United States,GJELIt is expected that injuries related to electric scooters will also increase during the festival. Since 2011, the number of emergency patients injured by electric scooters has increased by 507%, and this trend is expected to continue to grow.

stayGJELThe Consumer Product Safety Commission released the most dangerousChildren's ToysData, which are derived from the number of child deaths and injuries treated by emergency departments in 2020. In 2020, the emergency department of American hospitals treatedAbout 198000 toys caused injuries, 57% of which were boys.

Last year, 60 children out of every 100,000 children were injured by toys, a decrease of 12% over 2019. Tears are the most common toy related injuries, followed by contusion/bruise and fracture.

Top 10 The most dangerous children's toys include:

1. Non motor scooter

2. Ball

3. Rubber ball

4. Balloon

5. Stuffed toys/dolls

6. Toy box

7. Tricycle

8. Inflatable water toys

9. Toy darts

10. Non motorized riding toys

Cross border e-commerce platform The most dangerous toys in the United States include non motorized scooters, rubber balls, etc

2、 Top 10 toys recalled by the US government this year

1. Backyard play playset: entrapment hazard

2. Juratoys Children's Shaving Toy: toxic substances

3. Ryan and Rose Eating Utensils tableware: danger of suffocation

4. Wee Gallery Wooden Tray Puzzles: Asphyxia Hazard

5. Primary Scent Stamper Pens perfume seal pen: skin irritation

6. Hallmark teethers molar stick: asphyxiation risk

7. Zen Magnets and Neoballs Magnets: Ingestion hazard

8. Walgreens Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Rattle Set

9. Blue Star Trading Children's Fishing Toy Game

10. Battat Infant Teethers

Although toy related injuries and deaths have decreased by nearly 20% since 2013GJELThe personal injury team of,With the popularity of electric scooters, the injuries related to this product will increase. It is estimated that the market value of this product will exceed 33.5 billion dollars by 2030.

It is estimated that the number of emergency patients injured by electric scooters increased from 4881 in 2014 to 29628 in 2019, an increase of 507%.

threeIn American historyDangerous toys

Dangerous toys in America in the last century include:

1. Lawn Darts

The 12 inch dart was launched in 1970. In eight years, 6100 people entered the emergency room, 81% of themPeople are 15 years old or younger. The toy was banned in 1988.

2. The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

The toy first appeared in 1950, containing four kinds of uranium ores and radiation sources, and was discontinued in 1952.

3.Swing Wing

The toy went on sale in 1965, which is very similar to a hula hoop, but it was worn on the head, causing the buyer's spine to be injured or even worse. The product was recalled shortly after its launch.

4. The Austin Magic Pistol

The toy was sold in the 1940s. This chemical reaction gun can shoot table tennis. However, it is easy to explode. This toy was listed as a firearm in some states of the United States and was banned from use soon after it was put on the shelves.


The toy was launched in 1968. It consists of two glass balls on a rope. They "collide" with each other, often causing the glass to break. By 1976, Lanhai Yiguan learned that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission had declared the toy "mechanically dangerous" and banned it.

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